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BJP lambasts UPA for illegal influx

BJP lambasts UPA for illegal influx

Author: Correspondent
Publication: The Assam Tribune
Date: July 7, 2008
URL: http://www.assamtribune.com/scripts/details.asp?id=jul0808/at03

Strategising along expected lines, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is all set to rake up the issues of Chinese intrusion into Arunachal Pradesh and illegal influx from Bangladesh and its devastating impact on the North-East, in a major way. Come Lok Sabha polls, the BJP is going to enter the election scene in the North-East, particularly in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, with all guns blazing, targeting the Congress-led UPA Government at the Centre and the Tarun Gogoi government in the State.

Releasing BJP's own version of the Report Card on the four years of UPA Government here today, Rajya Sabha MP and party spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy said it was hardly anything to be proud of, and for all intents and purposes, the UPA has been a total failure on every front, gasping for its last breath.

The 118-page booklet brought out by the main Opposition party has 18 chapters, and elaborately deals with the North-East.

The BJP countered the Centre's claim on the internal security, asserting that it has in fact deteriorated. In Assam, the Congress Government is turning a blind eye to a sinister bid to create tension between Karbis and Dimasas. The Congress Government has colluded with the perpetrators of these assaults on the nation's integrity.

In Manipur, it looks like the writ of the UPA government does not run there.

Returning to its pet theme, the saffron party said that Assam's Muslim population has trebled in the last 50 years. The Muslim population in Assam has increased by over 313 per cent as against the Hindu population growth rate of 193 per cent, in half-a-century between 1951-2001.

Again quoting former Director General of Census Operations, NC Dutta, the BJP booklet held that it was due to illegal influx from Bangladesh that lower Assam and Barak valley districts had registered a high rate of population increase.

The UPA Government has adopted a myopic and selfish approach towards the grave problems of demographic invasion by Bangladeshi infiltrators, giving no thought to the long-term harm that this could do to India's security, unity and integrity, it said.

The BJP criticised Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi for describing former Governor Lt Gen Ajai Singh's report on illegal migrants as being "totally baseless".

The Congress governments at the Centre and in the State are responsible for the current state of affairs in Assam, as they have always followed the policy of vote-bank even at the cost of national interests, the BJP alleged.

The party, quoting an Intelligence Bureau report, also expressed concern at the high growth of madrassas in 12 States, including Assam. The border State of Assam has 2002 madrassas, which is lower than West Bengal (2116). The highest number of madrassas is in Kerala (9,975), it said.

Touching on the ULFA issue, the Report Card pointed towards the outfit's links with ISI and alleged that the ULFA is ultimately fighting the Jehadi war on behalf of ISI, which is calling the shots. "The ULFA is outsourcing explosives and IEDs from ISI. The Home Ministry's report also confirms that ISI has succeeded in bringing ULFA, MULFA and MULTA together to carry out subversive activities".

The BJP held the Assam Government's soft stand on insurgency responsible for the continued targeting of the Hindi-speaking people in the State. "It is a well-known fact that the Congress had taken the help of ULFA in elections and because of this, it is unable to deal with the banned outfit firmly," it alleged.

"Indecisiveness in tackling ULFA militants might unleash forces that would be injurious to inter-state cohesion and national unity," it opined.

The BJP Report Card also took a close look at the reports of intrusion by Chinese Army, mainly into Arunachal Pradesh. The UPA seems to be groping in the dark on its relations and dealings with China. It has no definite policy, the Report Card charged, attacking the Left parties as well.

The villain of the piece is the UPA's total dependence on the Left for its survival. For the CPM, the interests of China are superior to those of the nation, it said.

The BJP has demanded that a Joint Parliamentary Committee should visit the spot to verify the situation, but UPA Government has so far not taken any steps to clear the mist, it said referring to intrusions in Sumdorong Chu Valley, Asapila and Taksin areas.

The BJP booklet had, however, some major errors. It mentioned that its MPs Khiren Rijiju and Tapir Gaon were from Sikkim.

The party questioned the UPA Government's policy on Tibet, repeated incursions by China, refusal of visa to an IAS officer of Arunachal Pradesh cadre, alleging that the UPA Govt is indulging in blatant appeasement of China. The BJP also described the proposed road to Mount Everest as a security threat to India.

The Chinese efforts to divert the Brahmaputra river away from India would have serious ramifications. The project envisages a series of 11 dams around the Brahmaputra loop. India can ignore thee developments on India-Tibet border only at its peril, it said.

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