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And they showed there true colours

And they showed there true colours

Publication: Kashmiris-in-exile.blogspot.com
Date: July 4, 2008
URL: http://kashmiris-in-exile.blogspot.com/2008/07/and-they-showed-there-true-colours.html#links

The land transfer to the SASB washed off the façade of goodness that the Kashmiri Muslims had worn on themselves over the years. It just showed that nothing has changed in the valley. They are what they were, bloodthirsty and communal zealots. Even after they had forced half a million Pandits out of the valley they could not even accept that 40 acres of land will be taken out for a pilgrimage. They suck. As they bullied the impotent Ghulam Nabi into having the land order revoked, it showed that the only colour that they knew of was green. Yes Green of Islam, of Pakistan and of Jealously.

The alibi of demographic change and environmental pollution got immersed in the roars of "Hum Kya Chahte-Aazaadee" and "Nara-e-Taqbeer-Allah-o-Akbar".It only dawned on us later that these slogans were Greenpeace slogans emanating out of the Green Syed Ali Shah Geelani.So much of greenery and someone cried pollution.

The government as usual bowed in total submission to the Green. Poor Azad was a Ghulam to the mercurial Mehbooba (Mehbooba.Meh-booba). She pulled the rug and Ghulam Nabi fell. Even in abject disgrace he did not forget that he was a Ghulam. True to his masters, Meh-booba, Mufti, Syed et.al he revoked the order that they wanted revoked. What else do we expect of a Ghulam. Sajjad Lone and Mirwaiz, whose fathers have been killed by the same terrorists who they support today, celebrated and called it a victory. True, a victory it is. A victory of those who killed your fathers. A victory of those who both of you are so scared of that you cannot even say that they killed your father. A Victory Indeed.

Now as Ghulam Nabi counts his losses and faces heat in Jammu, the Kashmiri Muslims can celebrate because the only Sikh who does not deserve to have a Singh in his name is the Prime Minister. A Prime Minister who is a Ghulam in his own way to a Catholic. The Catholic who runs the nation through this Mohan has a clear design. Denigrate Hinduism and let Abrahmic religions rule the roost. The less we talk about the Home Minister the better it is. And did we hear the Mirwaiz and his other stooges say, "Let the Pandits handle the Yatra"

It is ironic that in this hour of mayhem Mirwaiz remembers Pandits. It is communal powers like him and his ilk who forced minority Pandits to flee the valley by issuing threats from the very mosques that his father controlled at that time.Isn't he even ashamed of saying "Give the Yatra to the Pandits to handle".Where are the Pandits. The last count was 4000 Pandits in the valley.

It was them who issued threats from blaring loudspeakers of the mosques asking Pandit Kafirs to leave.How come do they expect to even believe them? What political opportunism is this Mirwaiz?

Why did he not say that the temple bill be passed and Pandits be given the powers to handle their temples and Shrines. Why did he not go to the streets with his furious followers then? Why did he not raise the ante when hundreds of Pandit Shrines and temples were desecrated, destroyed and razed to ground. Did he remember us then? He alongside Syed Ali Shah Geelani has proved to be a rabble rouser and is responsible for the Islamisation of the Kashmir Valley . They are responsible for the loss of innocent lives by blowing up a trivial issue. The very premise of environmental degradation and demographic change fall flat in the face of a reasoned argument. What credibility can such a person's statement have except to be trashed?

He has already paid a price for siding with the extremists? He should remember that the very Al-Umar Mujahideen he is believed to control maybe his nemesis. We wonder if he wants Pandits to control the Yatra just because he knows that they can be driven away anytime. Let him put his proposal in a hookah and smoke it out.

The Media especially the liberal, moderate, English media has played its part. They portrayed the rabble rousing Kashmiri Muslims as Greenpeace activists who were fighting for a just cause, while the Dogras and Pandits as rabble rousers. Of late they have simply blocked the news emanating out of Jammu . Hard as they may try the movement will not stop.

The Congress will pay a huge price for displeasing the Hindus. No more are Kashmiri Pandits sitting back in the quiet confines of their homes. With their Dogra brothers they are braving the curfew, the lathis and even the bullets. As the Ghulam tries his best to break the movement either by cutting off electricity in the night or by jamming mobiles, he should know that the Hindus have arisen. We will give him and his cronies a bloody nose and till the time the land is not given back to the SASB, the fight will go on.

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