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Flooring the nation

Flooring the nation

Author: Editorial
Publication: News Todaynet
Date: July 10, 2008
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=9060%20&%20section=13

After the Prime Minister left for the G8 Summit enthused and emboldened by the inclination shown by the Samajwadi Party, the Left withdrew its support to the UPA government.

Yesterday, while the Left met the President Prathiba Patil and gave its letter confirming the withdrawal, the Samjwadi Party also met her and gave the letter confirming its support to the UPA government.
The President doesn't have any Constitutional obligation to ask him to move a 'confidence motion', but she can discuss the issue and suggest him to go for it.

Or otherwise, she can remain silent under the assumption that the government has enough support and is safe. In other words, if the government sends a message of confidence after making up the required numbers, she might ask the government to face the House and seek a vote of confidence.

In the meantime, a few rebels have raised their heads within the Samajwadi Party and the BSP supremo Mayawathi is determined to fish in troubled waters.

It seems the UPA government may have to pay a heavy cost, as it is in dire straits and requires the support of independents and single seat-parties.

The nation is set to witness an ugly exhibition of opportunism in the coming days through the shameless negotiations between the government and the fence-sitters.

It is already speculated that Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav are having a ball at the negotiation table, going even to the extent of wanting 'their own man' as the CBI Chief!

The TRS Chief Chandrasekara Rao, who left the UPA on the 'Telengana' card, seems ready to support the government. The humble and poor farmer Deve Gowda, who was against the Congress till yesterday, is ready to negotiate for future understanding.

Mamata Bannerjee, the lone voice of Trinamool Congress in Parliament, is also ready to negotiate as the Left has parted ways with the UPA and the BJP is not a force in West Bengal.

The MDMK is squarely divided with two 'for' and two 'against' the government. The 'stink' from Delhi will increase in the coming days spreading throughout the nation, as the self-interested negotiations will happen in the name of 'national interest' and 'secularism'.

But on the other hand, the deliberate 'hide and seek' play record of the 'UPA-Left' combine in the last four years, has cast a spell of suspicion and it is hard to believe that the Left would vote 'against' the government on the floor of the House.

Moreover, something is fishy and strange in the happenings during the last few days. The visit of the 'Karats' and 'Amar Singh' to the US very recently, the sudden visit of Sitaram Yechury to London on 'personal' grounds and his absence at the time of withdrawal by the Left, the time leverage given by the Left to the UPA and SP for finalising their equation and the sudden outburst from Jyoti Basu asking the Left not to bring down the government all point towards a tacit understanding between the trio of UPA, Left and SP. After all, the UPA-Left-SP combine is obviously afraid of facing the election now!

If at all the Left is serious about its stand on the nuclear deal, it must have asked Somnath Chatterjee to step down from the post of Speaker! As it has not done that, the Left can be expected to 'abstain' from voting instead of going against, and claim that it has withdrawn the support on 'national interest' and abstained from voting on 'secular interest'.

The Samajwadi Party will claim that it has supported the deal on 'national interest' and saved the government on 'secular interest'. Finally the UPA will claim that national interest and secularism have triumphed and the 'anti-national' and 'communal' forces have been defeated!

As far as the deal is concerned, many things are not transparent and kept secret. Even before the UPA government sails through the confidence motion in Indian Parliament, the IAEA has circulated the India-specific safeguards agreement to its board of governors.

One wonders whether they are 'safeguards' or 'sellouts'! While the G8 nations have agreed to lend support to the Indo-US nuclear deal, surprisingly China is reported to have shown its willingness to support it at the NSG level. The Prime Minister is elated at the appreciation from President Bush and is ready to move ahead very fast.

'Secretiveness' and 'speed' have replaced 'transparency' and 'caution' and it is not good for the nation. After ensuring the required numbers, the government will move the confidence motion on the Indo-US N-Deal and sail through, but the nation will be 'floored'!

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