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Amarnath to Gangasagar: The same story of torture upon Hindu Pilgrims

Amarnath to Gangasagar: The same story of torture upon Hindu Pilgrims

Author: Upananda Brahmachari
Publication: Bengalspotlight.blogspot.com
Date: July 16, 2008
URL: http://bengalspotlight.blogspot.com/2008/07/amarnath-to-gangasagar-same-story-of.html

One Nationalist Party and some Hindu Organisations called Nation wide Hartal on 3rd July, 2008 upon the issue of denial of lands already assigned to the Amarnath Shrine Board By the J&K Government. Upon the issue the Hurriat Conference, PDP and some other 'anti Indian' - 'anti Hindu' force created an earlier violence in the society, even upon the guest pilgrims came to Kashmir for paying homage to the holy shrine of Amarnathji. The jehadi force brutally tortured upon the Hindu sadhus and tirthajatris(pilgrims).

As a retaliation a severe protests were found in Jammu over a week and everywhere in India in course of Hartal, the Hindus reacted and conveyed their solidarity to the Hindu pilgrims affected in Amarnathji Yatra.

In Bengal, the issue is now entagged with the shameless torture upon Gangasagar pilgrims made on 12th June, 2008 by the fundamentalist Muslim force with the support of ruling Communists in the state. Some three thousand of fanatic muslims and three communist leaders planned to murder 173 attendants of HINDU SAMHATI, a newly formed Hindu Organisation in Bengal, came to Gangasagar for their workshop and campaign for Gow-Ganga-Samaskriti Raksha (Protection of cow progeny, Protection of river Ganges & Protection of Bharatiya Culture). The murderous muslim mob tried to creat a new Godhra in Gangasagar, and thus set fire on the Kolkata Cloth Marchents' Community Building - the arrenged venue of Hindu Samhati Camp. The singularly muslim mobs headed by the communist leaders carried deadly weapons out rightly to creat a panic upon the hindu pilgrims and the hindu majority residents of Gangasagar.

Though the brave Hindu Boys defended themselves heroically for four long hours before the police and RAF came to the spot, the motivated administration and police forcefully stopped the camp in the name o rescue and arrested 15 participants of Hindu Samhati(HS) Camp including HS leader Tapan Ghosh. But the anti-hindu administration & police of West Bengal did not arrested not a single muslim attacker till date. The HS now have planned to demonstrate over the issue of violence upon hindu pilgrims from Gangasagar to Amarnath throughout India.

On 2nd July,2008 a press conference was held in Kolkata Press Club, chaired by Swami Ashimanandaji Maharaj,Shradha Jagaran Kendra, Dang, Gujrat & Sri Tapan Ghosh, Leader, Hindu Samhati to convey the message of torture upon hindu pilgrims throughout India including Gangasagar & Amarnath. Hindu Samhati demands the withdraw of Pilgrim Tax imposed upon the Gangasagar Pilgrims,no cow slaughter around the Gangasagar Mela Khestra and immediate arrest of fanatic Muslim & CPIM leaders who promoted the attack and violence upon the Hindu pilgrims in Gangasagar on 12.06.08.

Jagatguru Shankaryacharya Swami Vasudevananda,Jyotirmath also condemned the matter of torture and denial of dharmik rights of hindu pilgrims anywhere in India, in a press conference held at Sukhchar Kathiya Baba Ashram (a town nearby Kolkata) some days ago. His holiness said that the Sadhu Samaj & Dharmik Hindus have prepared their mind to restore their religious rights through a Gangasagar Dharma Raksha Abhiyan.

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