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February Month Articles

  • The Whitewashing of Bobby Jindal
    • by Rajiv Malhotra
      As a "rebuttal" to President Obama's inaugural address, Bobby Jindal, the Indian-American governor of Louisiana ....
  • POP goes the rebellion
    • by Riyaz Wani
      Coming of age in more peaceful times, a few youngsters in Kashmir are composing a new narrative through their music. ....
  • Inquiry in the Time of Elections
    • by Asit Jolly and Bhavna Vij-Aurora
      Strategically manoeuvred probes help the ruling party keep rivals at bay and potential troublemakers on tenterhooks . ....
  • UPA Rival
    • by India Today
      Five-time chief minister of Haryana and national president of the Indian National Lok Dal. ....
  • How to Waive Crores Goodbye
    • by Lola Nayar & Panini Anand
      “Please stand up and be counted. Are you for the farmer or against the farmer ....
  • No More Juice To Squeeze
    • by Panini Anand
      “In the early hours of a foggy morning in the sugarcane belt of western Uttar Pradesh ....
  • Reservation violates rights of the deserving: Varun
    • by Firstpost.com
      Bharatiya Janata Party MP Varun Gandhi today said reservation in jobs for SC/STs should be done away with as it is against the interests of general public and in violation of the rights of the deserving ....
  • Cops help Naxals tie the knot
    • by Vivek Deshpande
      In a unique event, Gadchiroli Police Monday solemnised the marriage of two surrendered Naxals, who allegedly deserted their dalams to set up a "complete" family. ....
  • Plight of the exiled Pandits
    • by Plight of the exiled Pandits
      In the cold winter of 1989-90, a mobocracy, a part of the hydra-headed terrorism supported by Pakistan, tore into pieces what was known as Kashmiriyat. ....
  • Six fastest children get set for big leap
    • by Shivani Naik
      About 50 people — a pair of corporate executives, athletics officials, parents, coaches and participants — converged on the 100 m finish line ....
  • Facing the truth
    • by Irfan Husain
      Even in my remote bit of paradise, news of distant disasters filters through: above the steady sound of waves breaking on the sandy beach in Sri Lanka ....
  • At Shahbagh, Bangladesh’s fourth awakening
    • by Haroon Habib
      The protests in Dhaka against attempts to subvert justice in the war crimes trials show that the new generation is alive to the horrific acts committed by anti-liberation forces. ....
  • Amartya Sen shouldn’t root for flawed food security
    • by R Jagannathan
      Amartya Sen is, arguably, India’s best known social thinker. Ever since he got his Nobel, he has become a kind of poster-boy for Left and mildly-Left politicians and activists in this country. ....
  • 'Kurien shouldn't preside RS when women's issues are discussed'
    • by Shobha Warrier
      The Bharatiya Janata Party , that does not have much of a presence in Kerala , is now making headlines for its agitation against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Prof P J Kurien in the face of charges in the Suryanelli gang rape case. ....
  • Defence scams and Kashmir
    • by Gautam Mukherjee
      The Chinese lunar Year of the Black Water Snake has begun on February 10. Snake years have generally produced significant and enduring change. ....
  • Between India and Indiana
    • by Chidanand Rajghatta
      At a dinner party hosted by their mutual friend, a young American woman walked up behind an Indian man, tapped him on his shoulder. ....
  • ‘Secular’ art is a mockery of Hindu tradition
    • by Sandhya Jain
      In light of serial controversies over the ‘objectionable’ depiction of Hindu deities by modern Indian artists, with some feeling sufficiently provoked to interrupt exhibitions of such art. ....
  • Propaganda darshan
    • by MJ Akbar
      Thank heaven for little Doordarshans . An offshoot of the government-controlled TV behemoth. ....
  • Non-Muslim Jinnahs & Kashmir
    • by Hari Om
      They rule the state. They exercise unbridled and absolute powers. There is no accountability. .....
  • In jail, Guru rooted for jihad
    • by The Times of India
      While talking to jail officials, Afzal Guru may have painted a picture of himself as a man far removed from fundamentalismbut in his conversations with Indian Mujahideen (IM) accused. .....
  • Kumbh Mela Diary
    • by Mark Tully
      I’ve described kumbh melas as spiritual trade fairs; when we arrived this time we found the fair in full swing. .....
  • Mr Katju is a very busy man
    • by Tarun Vijay
      Having termed 90% of Indians as 'idiots',  Mr Markandey Katju, the headline-grabber chairman of the Press Council of India has been supported by the Congress for his recent utterances ....

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