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June Month Articles

  • Rahul’s ‘charm’ bowls media over, substance be damned
    • by S Sudhir Kumar
      “Indeed, Mr. Gandhi — in a marathon and somewhat rambling 75-minute-long interaction — offered no road map or specific solution, sticking to a general, if folksy, analysis of the situation in the country…”.......
  • Red Corridor in the Northeast?
    • by Ratnadip Choudhury
      By ignoring the growing Maoist influence in the Northeast, the Centre is playing with fire, says Ratnadip Choudhury .....
  • ‘Congshals’ and Nakshals pose equal threat
    • by Kanchan Gupta
      The war on Maoists has to be fought by Governments of States which are bearing the brunt of Red terror. They must not get distracted by a dishonest Centre and the monkey chatter of jholawallahs .....
  • Gehlot's last gambit
    • by Rohit Parihar
      Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is rolling out a bouquet of populist schemes and direct cash transfers in a last-ditch attempt at halting .....
  • Yoga in Africa
    • by Karen Barrow
      The language of yoga is universal. That is the message of Robert Sturman, an artist from Santa Monica .....
  • For the people, by the people
    • by Neha Khator
      Neha Khator narrates the story of an NGO that transformed a backward village into a bustling city, with funds .....
  • Chickens can come home to roost
    • by G parthasarthy
      Nawaz Sharif has a propensity for supporting Islamist causes within Pakistan and beyond its borders. .....
  • We need to talk about Islamism
    • by Alan Johnson
      If I had slept through yesterday, woken up this morning, and gone online, I might have thought the EDL beheaded someone. .....
  • Impact of Article 370
    • by Impact of Article 370
      The Article 370 was clearly meant to be a temporary provision included in the Constitution to cater .....
  • The new Kalahandi
    • by Debabrata Mohanty
      The Kalahandi of hunger deaths and starvation is now Orrisa’s rice bowl. Debabrata Mohanty tells the story of the district’s stunning turnaround. ......
  • For the Daughters
    • by Partha Sarathi Biswas
      Since the last year or so, Kushabhau Gavade has been celebrating the birth of girls in his village. ......
  • Pastor rapes teenage girl in Thane
    • by The Times of India
      A 19-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a pastor at his residence on the pretext of marrying her, police said today. ......
  • A Statue Grows in D.C.
    • by Alissa Stern
      When Dino Djalal, the Ambassador from Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, wanted to give a gift to Washington. .......
  • But that just isn’t the Point!
    • by Vijender Gupta
      This refers to ‘Let Voters Determine Publicity Excess’ (ET, May 29). The editorial opined that rather than a Lokayukta deciding on publicity excesses .......
  • Left not right to fight DU change
    • by Left not right to fight DU change
      Call it prejudice or even evidence of a closed mind, but the mere presence of individuals such as Sitaram Yechury .......
  • Surely you’re joking, Sagarika Ghose!
    • by Anuj Srivas
      Online abuse cannot be as simple as patriarchal values carrying over to the Internet. At its heart, it is a clash of groups with different notions of identity .......
  • Useful idiots
    • by Meghnad Desai
      Marxists are dreamy people. They read books, debate arcane matters about what He said and wait patiently for socialism to arrive .......
  • The Shame of It
    • by Dhiraj Nayyar
      Manmohan Singh's desperate attempts at self-preservation have now acquired a gigantic dimension of shamelessness ....

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