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September Month Articles

  • Vanzara: A victim of bleeding hearts
    • by Swapan Dasgupta
      The long letter of resignation from the Indian Police Service written by D.G. Vanzara from a prison in Mumbai to the Gujarat government has .........
  • Is a dishonest liberal still a liberal?
    • by Shashi Shekhar
      Before we get around to answering these questions, consider the below statements all of which have appeared in op-ed columns and news analysis reports across the English language media.. .........
  • Annexation Through Technicalities
    • by Arun Shourie
      The day I entered Indiraji's household I became an Indian, the rest is just technical -- that is Sonia Gandhi's latest explanation for not having acquired Indian citizenship till fourteen years after her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi.........
  • The campaign begins
    • by Tavleen Singh
      So the campaign for 2014 has begun. While political pundits and aged, sulking leaders in Delhi mulled over irrelevant details like when the BJP should announce its candidate for prime minister .........
  • Sreesanth criticizes Modi in an attempt to get life ban revoked
    • by Sandeep Kadian
      Former fast bowler and one of the leading dancers of India, S. Sreesanth has criticized Narendra Modi’s anointment as BJP’s PM candidate in very strong words in an attempt to enter the good books of the ruling coalition, UPA. .........
  • War of words between PM & Sonia continues
    • by The Economic Times
      Taking his war of words with Sonia Gandhi further, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has taken strong exception to Congress president's remark .........
  • Modi is a de-polarizing figure in Gujarat
    • by Zafar Sareshwala and Asifa Khan
      In the 2012 assembly elections 31% Muslims voted for BJP. Before this election, numerous Muslims have won on BJP ticket at all levels - Zila Parishad .........
  • Ethnic cleansing aim in Kishtwar
    • by Sandhya Jain
      A clinical look at the sequence of rioting in Kishtwar since the targetted violence against the miniscule Pandit community and its forced..........
  • Rupee Pressure – TempleTreasure: An Analysis
    • by Sudhirkrishna Adiga
      The recent news about the efforts on the part of both the central government and the RBI to check the fall of rupee against US dollar and other international currencies........
  • Its time to go Mr Prime Minister
    • by Avay Shukla
      In Hindu tradition and culture the concept of renunciation has always been valued more than the idea of acquisition........
  • Indian citizenship is no game
    • by Sandhya Jain
      Amidst disturbing reports on illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are managing to secure the Aadhaar card for a modest price........
  • US court summons Sonia Gandhi
    • by The New Indian Express
      On a complaint by a Sikh group, a US federal court has issued summons against Congress party president Sonia Gandhi for shielding party officials........
  • Driving Change
    • by Ullekh NP
      Introduction: Maruti Suzuki along with the Gujarat government is training tribal youth to get behind the wheels of cars & heavy vehicles.......
  • Why Nehru, Indira, Rajiv everywhere?
    • by A Surya Prakash
      IN a systematic effort to gain an unfair advantage over others, the Congress party has named all major government programmes ........
  • South Beach To Swadeshi Thali
    • by Sonal Nerurkar
      Dieticians are now promoting the Indian diet, which combines Ayurveda and home-spun wisdom........
  • Why is Nitish silent on Yasin arrest
    • by Santosh Singh
      So why has Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar not spoken a word yet on the arrest of top Indian Mujahideen man Yasin Bhatkal........
  • Naked Lunch: Blow Daddy
    • by Nadeem F. Paracha
      Did Quaid-i-Azam fight in that war along with Muhammad bin Qasim and Imran Khan?.....
  • Bhatkal's handler a Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel
    • by Hindustan Times
      A Pakistan Army Lieutenant Colonel, serving in the ISI, was the handler of Yasin Bhatkal and used to give instructions to the arrested Indian Mujahideen leader for terror acts in India. ......

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