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October Month Articles

  • A King’s Speech for Shehzada
    • by Aman Sharma, ET Bureau
      Introduction : Cong scion’s remark that Pak spies are trying to indoctrinate Muslims in Muzaffarnagar has triggered a storm with sleuths refusing to back him and the..........
  • Science of asanas
    • by Lakshmi Krupa
      Spirituality, special needs, pre- and post-natal care… Three young yoga practitioners and instructors talk about using this ancient Indian discipline .........
  • A new way of life
    • by Priyadershini S.
      German national Carina Miorin’s passion for ayurveda brought her to Kerala six years ago. Today, as an ayurveda practitioner .........
  • Congress protects convicted cronies
    • by Sandhya Jain
      In a staggering, unprecedented mockery of the tenets of justice as understood by ordinary citizens, the Union Home Ministry ..........
  • Exposing the farce in secularism’s name
    • by Gautam Mukherjee
      Old certainties are shifting ground. The Congress cannot be sure of its support base anymore, not amongst the voters or amongst the regional parties ..........
  • First the scam, then the sham
    • by J Gopikrishnan
      The JPC probe in the 2G Spectrum scam exposes the pitfalls and uselessness of a parliamentary probe, where ultimately every decision is taken on blind political affiliation ..........
  • Rahul baba needs a tutor
    • by Tavleen Singh
      Every time Rahul Gandhi makes a new political statement it takes me a while to work out if he is being ironic or serious. ..........
  • Rahul 'the revolutionary'
    • by Tavleen Singh
      There is "no right time to tell the truth" he proudly told political rallies across Punjab and Uttar Pradesh last week...........
  • Godhra: The True Story
    • by Nicole Elfi
      Godhra, a city of the Indian State of Gujarat, was the lead story in all Indian newspapers on February 27th-28th, 2002. A shattering piece of news..........
  • When cliché are dismantled
    • by K.N. Pandita
      When long cherished and trumpeted cliché are dismantled, one should care to fumble for the reality. ..........
  • The great Kashmiri money game
    • by Sandhya Jain
      The controversy and outrage over General VK Singh’s claim that the Indian Army used slush funds to pay some...........
  • Terror groups of 1990s on revival?
    • by Deeptiman Tiwary
      The Saturday's encounter at Puttur in Andhra Pradesh with alleged terrorists, who had targeted BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu..........
  • Like father, unlike son
    • by G. Parthasarathy
      When the hour came, Rajiv Gandhi was ready to accept the challenge. Rahul is yet to tell us where he stands on crucial issues. ..........
  • We killed 5 Sangh men: Ummah ultra
    • by Kumar Chellappan
      A day after the Narendra Modi government in Gujarat countered the CAG's opinion about the child malnutrition rate in the state ..........
  • ASI’s Assault on Shankaracharya Hill
    • by Sandeep 
      According to this Tribune news report, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has summarily renamed the Shankaracharya Hill to Takht-e-Suleiman.........
  • Manmohan uses secularism to hoodwink people, says Modi
    • by Mohammad Ali
      The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday hit out at the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying for some people secularism has become a way to “hoodwink” common public........
  • Seven convicted for Laxmanananda murder of 2008
    • by The Times of India
      A court in Odisha Monday held seven people guilty of the murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and four of his aides in Kandhamal district of Odisha in 2008, a lawyer said Monday.......

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