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January Month Articles

  • How India’s cryogenic programme was wrecked
    • Rakesh Krishnan Simha
      India was all set to master Russian cryogenic rocket technology when the United States – in cahoots with its moles in the Indian Intelligence Bureau ..........
  • The almost man
    • Naveed Iqbal
      After its poor performance in Muslim-dominated areas of the capital in the Assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)..........
  • Unholy wedding of P. Chidambaram with NDTV
    • Pcwedsndtv.blogspot.in
      Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, the keeper of public money and public revenue involved in biggest money laundering scam by a media company!..........
  • A letter to Mr. Aiyar
    • 90rollsroyces.com
      I don’t know if I can even address you, as I have not studied in St. Stephen’s, I was born in a small nursing home in Tirunelveli........
  • Snoopgate on Modi backfires on media
    • Sandhya Jain
      Avant garde vigilante media like Cobrapost and Gulail and the anti-Narendra Modi mainstream electronic and print media have been caught between a rock and hard place ..........
  • Opportunity lost
    • The Indian Express
      An equal opportunities commission solely for religious minorities misses the point..........
  • ISI now tries Jehad-e-Ishq in Muzaffarnagar
    • Mahender Singh Manral
      The interrogation of two suspected LeT operatives by the Special Cell of Delhi Police has revealed the insidious plans of the Inter Services Intelligence to entice Hindu girls in order to inflict moral and emotional damage..........
  • Why discriminate on basis of religion
    • Arun Jaitley
      The founding fathers of our Constitution envisaged the Directive Principles of State Policy in Part IV of the Constitution. Article 44 of the Constitution states .........
  • The almost man
    • Meghnad Desai
      As the old year was fading, there were rumours that Manmohan Singh (MM) will be replaced by Rahul Gandhi (RG) even before the election. Last September........
  • Many false dawns in our civilization
    • Anirban Ganguly
      By demonstrating its callous attitude towards the promotion of Sanskrit, the Government is insulting our rich cultural heritage........
  • Narendra Modi a person of great prominence: European Union
    • IBNLive.com
      The European Union on Friday termed Narendra Modi as a "person of great prominence" on India's political landscape and said it respects the judicial verdict that has given clean chit to the Gujarat Chief Minister for 2002 riots........
  • For the Love of Money
    • Sam Polk
      IN my last year on Wall Street my bonus was $3.6 million — and I was angry because it wasn’t big enough. I was 30 years old........
  • Decline and fall of historians
    • NS Rajaram
      For almost 50 years following Independence, influential historians contributed nothing but falsehoods. Fortunately things have improved in the past two decades........
  • Modi blames UPA’s policies for faltering growth
    • Hindustan Times 
      Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday blamed the UPA government’s policies for faltering economic growth as he attacked the Centre’s “misplaced socialist” ........
  • Dantewada tribals attack Medha Patkar
    • Suchandana Gupta
      Tribals angry with activists fighting for human rights of Naxals while ignoring poor 'adivasis' threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Magsaysay award winner.......
  • We love you, Manmohan Mama-ji
    • Indrajit Hazra
      With the advantage of hindsight and never having asked any sitting prime minister any questions — I did ask Manmohan Singh ......
  • We cannot trust our friend in Islamabad
    • G Parthasarathy
      How should India judge whether Nawaz Sharif is going to respect the sanctity of the Line of Control? In his first term as Prime Minister, his handpicked ISI chief staged the 1993 Mumbai blasts......
  • Persecuted by law
    • Khaled Ahmed
      Non-Muslims in Pakistan are threatened by both the state and non-state actors......
  • Gujarat refutes Jairam’s fund claim
    • The Times of India
      Gujarat government has hit out at rural development minister Jairam Ramesh over his charge that Modi regime has not been able to full spend central funds it received under the Watershed Programme. ......
  • 10-year-old on Fast for Closure of TASMAC Shops
    • The Indian Express
      A ten-year-old girl along with her father, who was addicted to the liquor and later recovered from it, went on a fast demanding complete prohibition in the State ......

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