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February Month Articles

  • Secular lies, communal truths in Incredible India
    • Tavleen Singh
      At Mumbai airport some days ago, I accidentally met the Gujarati businessman who has gone from being Narendra Modi’s biggest critic to being his biggest Muslim supporter. ............
  • Theatrics of Lokpal
    • MG Devasahayam
      The Lokpal Act is testimony to India’s immense   propensity   for   jugaad. ............
  • The message rankles
    • Editorial
      Home minister must know that threats to ‘crush’ media won’t make bad news go away. ............
  • Restoring India’s calculus crown
    • Ananthakrishnan G.
      George Gheverghese Joseph is on a mission to reclaim India’s pride of place in the world of mathematics. ............
  • Decoding Wendy Doniger’s Hinduism book: 1
    • IndiaFacts Staff 
      Editor’s note: This is the first part of a scholarly critique of Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An Alternative History published in 2009. ............
  • How media let guilty Kejriwal off the hook
    • Arvind Lavakare
      It’s amazing that an otherwise vigilant media of our time has facilitated the Aam Admi Party (AAP) to magnify its reach from just Delhi to almost all across the country in just about two months from the time............
  • Separatist Ghulam Nabi Fai back to dirty tricks
    • Sandhya Jain
      Ghulam Nabi Fai, the high profile US citizen of Kashmiri origin (born Badgam, India) who was prosecuted in December 2011 for working as an unregistered lobbyist for Pakistan,..........
  • Foreign hands fill the Congress’s coffers
    • A Surya Prakash
      While we still do not know if there are any VVIP passengers on the AgustaWestland gravy train, there’s certainly evidence to show that the Congress has taken the ‘foreign route' to raise funds since the 1980s.........
  • Kejriwal: The method in his madness
    • Sandhya Jain
      Arvind Kejriwal’s bare-faced lie that he has no house to go to after relinquishing office as Chief Minister and will retain his official accommodation.........
  • A saga of blatant political opportunism
    • Suparna Banerjee
      In the bicameral structure of our Parliament the Rajya Sabha (RS) is nominally the Upper House. Like the British House of Lords or the American Senate........
  • Wendy Doniger’s fake victimhood
    • Arvind Kumar 
      The withdrawal of a book by Penguin Books has made the author of the book feel bitter and portray herself as a victim. ..........
  • The Muslim Conquest of India
    • Janet Levy
      India's centuries-long resistance to Muslim aggression began in 636 C.E.  This started a series of incursions in which Muslim warriors desecrated Hindu places of worship and universities. ..........
  • Seeds of poison planted long ago
    • JS Rajput
      Politicians masquerading as self-styled secularists but really surviving on treating an entire community as hostage to their whims and fancies merely for minor electoral gains, must be shown their rightful place. ..........
  • Interrogating Wendy Doniger
    • Bharat Gupt
      At the annual conference of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) at Hawaii in the spring of 2011, Wendy Doniger’s book. ..........
  • Collapse of dynasties–a Congress case study
    • Jay Bhattacharjee 
      This writer has recently been studying the subject of how empires, regimes and dynasties have collapsed in different parts of the world and in different ages............
  • Political AAP Always Hid behind Apolitical IAC?
    • S Gurumurthy
      Arvindji, if you reject both ruling and Opposition parties as two sides of the same coin, you will eventually form a political party of your own, unless of course you work for a revolution to overthrow the system.”.........

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