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March Month Articles

  • Really, Mr Kejriwal?
    • Really, Mr Kejriwal?
      No doubt cronyism thrives in India, but is the scourge as bad as Arvind Kejriwal has made it out to be? ...............
  • The Untold Census Story
    • PR Ramesh
      Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and UP have seen a significant rise in Muslim population over the past decade, according to a leaked report of the 2011 Census...............
  • UPA leaves India bruised and battered
    • Virendra Parekh
      The bugle has been blown. Lok Sabha elections will be held in nine phases between April 7 and May 12. So, in the coming weeks...............
  • In the end, it was a no show
    • Amit Singh and Shashank Shekhar
      Lalit Kala Akademi cancels exhibition of a Delhi-based painter who was to showcase his work depicting Arundhati Roy in the nude..............
  • The War of Words: Wikileaks vs Narendra Modi
    • Sandhya Jain
      A war of words has broken out in the media after a co-convener of the Maharashtra BJP communication cell tweeted an endorsement of his incorruptibility by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. ..............
  • Eightfold path to revive the economy
    • Virendra Parekh
      The outcome of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections will determine the pace and direction of the economy and the nation for the next decade...........
  • AAP: The unholy anti-India nexus
    • Rijul Singh Uppal
      Indira Gandhi once said, “We don’t, in this country, want a nation of blind followers of anybody..........
  • The Gujarat Social Indicators Story
    • Amit Malviya
      If the mood of the nation is any indication, Narendra Damodardas Modi could well be India’s next Prime Minister. However..........
  • Ordinance: Prez stickler for norms
    • The Times of India
      Foreign minister Salman Khurshid said on Sunday that the government had sought the advice of the President over ordinances for key anti-corruption bills..........
  • Anti-Modi campaign has Made-in-UK tag
    • Sandhya Jain
      The Aam Aadmi Party's core leaders are seemingly foot soldiers whose task is to undermine the BJP's prime ministerial candidate in concert with London-based............
  • Kejriwal's assault on India
    • RSN Singh
      AFormer Army Chief General V K Singh, accompanied by half a dozen Lieutenant Generals and Major proceeded to India Gate to pay homage to martyrs at Amar Jawan Jyoti on 1 March............
  • Rahul Wants Them is Not Reason Enough
    • The Economic Times
      The government would do well not to go ahead with plans to enact six new laws by issuing Ordinances. It is constitutionally improper.........
  • Wendy’s Menial Sepoys
    • Kalavai Venkat
      Rajiv Malhotra brilliantly tweeted, “Can’t be bothered by menial sepoys, only senior ones” thereby brushing aside........
  • Kejriwal as the political troll
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      Arun Jaitley once recounted to me the story of a voluble Jana Sangh worker named (or so I recollect) Lalchand.........
  • The broom may sweep the nosy media away
    • Hindustan Times
      We were mired in the depths of despair, there was corruption all around, almost all the political formations seemed to have lost the plot........
  • The exile continues
    • Varad Sharma
      Even 24 years after their exile, the questions of Kashmiri Pandits remain unanswered, their tragedy unaccounted........
  • India’s monuments men
    • Manimugdha S Sharma, TNN
      The recent Hollywood film Monuments Men depicts the exploits of an army unit which protected and recovered Nazi-looted art..........
  • Talking and killing
    • Irfan Husain
      LAST week, an email popped into my inbox that shattered my peace of mind in our tranquil beach house in Sri Lanka........
  • Don’t turn AMU into a madrassa: Students
    • Eram Agha, TNN
      There is a quiet row erupting in the Aligarh Muslim University between students who call themselves liberals and the other faction that wants the famous varsity to go back to certain tenets of traditional Islam........
  • No governing principle
    • The Indian Express
      On election-eve, UPA does it again — doles out governorships as political prize and patronage............
  • A tragic end to storytelling
    • Raksha Kumar
      The TTP prepared a “media hit-list” which includes the names of journalists, media-group owners, the news heads of television channels and prominent anchors...........
  • BJP flays Jagan for ‘sacrilege’ at Tirumala
    • The Hindu
      Bharatiya Janata Party has lashed out at YSR Congress president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy for resorting to what it termed as ‘sacrilegious acts’ at the holy shrine of Lord Venkateswara...........
  • Jagan's Balaji darshan stirs controversy
    • Deccan Herald
      Jaganmohan Reddy whipped up a controversy on Sunday, as he visited the Tirumala Balaji’s temple without signing the mandatory Declaration form for non-Hindus about their faith in the lord..........
  • Wendy’s Menial Sepoys
    • Kalavai Venkat
      Rajiv Malhotra brilliantly tweeted, “Can’t be bothered by menial sepoys,........

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