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Modiphobia continues – Decoding Left-lib biases

Author: Amrit Hallan
Publication: Niticentral.com
Date: October 5, 2014
URL: http://www.niticentral.com/2014/10/05/modiphobia-continues-decoding-left-lib-biases-239911.html

What Rajdeep Sardesai did in front of the Madison Square Garden is something the root of which has been a public knowledge for years – that there is a class of so-called intellectuals, Left-liberals and “secular-minded” people who nurture a deep-rooted hatred for Narendra Modi and his supporters. Until this particular incident, the fact hadn’t manifested physically in such a glaring manner.

I am using Rajdeep Sardesai as just an example to drive home a particular point. Examples like him are aplenty. They just don’t seem to be able to contain their hatred, their prejudice and their extreme aversion towards anything that makes Indians feel good about themselves. You immediately become the subject of derision in their eyes the moment you talk about religious pride, cultural heritage or reminisce about your glorious past. Take for instance this article in The Economist that went as far as calling Narendra Modi a “pain in the ass” but later on changed the text. The writer assumes that people who have moved to the US were previously living in hunger and with snakes. One’s screen overflows with racist prejudice when one reads this article.

This FirstPost article talking disparagingly about how Narendra Modi publicly meets or treats his 95-year-old mother can easily be considered prime example of the gutter journalism such individuals are indulging in simply because they cannot control their bitterness. The environment has become so ridiculous that people like Hartosh Singh Bal are advising the US Administration to be wary of the Prime Minister of his own country. Their delusions stem from their hatred for Modi and everything that has to do with him, no matter how good those moves are for India.

These ‘critics’ have always run an unrelenting propaganda against Narendra Modi but so far, the harangue was always centered around the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat 2002. Now they are even making personal attacks – on him, and the people who support him. Has something changed aside from the fact that they are going desperate by the day?

Rajdeep’s case has fortunately received wide coverage on the Internet which was not the case with the articles linked above — these were only being circulated within particular circles. His entire manner of speaking, his body language, reeked of condescension and loathing. He repeatedly questioned the judgement of those who had gathered there to show their support for not just the PM of their homeland, but the country they have left behind under various compulsions. He questioned their judgement, their sense of right and wrong, their political leanings, he kept beating the dead horse of the Gujarat 2002 riots. When nothing seemed to work, he told them that although they had money, they had no class. Then he eventually came to blows with one of the persons in the crowd after calling him names. It was a no-holds-barred show of contempt for the representative of his own country. It was as if he had landed up in the US to run a parallel hate agenda.

One wouldn’t be surprised if these people actually wished India-US negotiations to fall flat.

There is a certain class of people who have ruled India (I’m purposely avoiding using “governed India” for obvious reasons) directly and indirectly. This is an elite class or rather, elitist class. It is a cabal of politicians, bureaucrats, Marxist intellectuals, power-brokers, crony scholars, former nobles and their descendants and hangers-on who have somehow stumbled into this elite class. This class thinks that it is born to rule physically as well as intellectually. They have deluded themselves into believing that their grandparents and great grandparents related more to their colonial rulers rather than the backward aboriginals. They are the quintessential Macaulay putras and putris. They assume that their writ should run large. They are driven out of their wits when the hoi polloi seem to have an opinion. For them, they exist in an India of haves and have-nots and most of these elite class people believe that they have a right to belong to the “haves” class. As Karl Marx famously said, religion is the opium of the people. This elite class has used the lofty concepts of socialism, secularism, plurality and welfarism as their opium. They have no love for the common people of the country. The common people of the country are to be tolerated because, well, there is no other option. The teeming millions are everywhere and the wheels of the economy that support this elitist class are fuelled by these teeming millions who are indispensable and loathsome at the same time.

The appearance of Narendra Modi and his supporters has disrupted the cabal of this elitist class. Not just disrupted, the castles of deceit that they had constructed are being dismantled brick by brick, wall by wall. This has rattled them completely. How can someone who doesn’t speak English, who hasn’t studied in Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard, someone who hasn’t descended from a ruling or a noble family tell us how to rule the country and behave with the rest of the world? How can someone representing the cultural and religious values of those loathsome teeming millions reside in the same power corridors that seem to be the birthright of this elitist class, irrespective of whether it deserves it or not? How can someone like that lecture them on the virtues of cleanliness when they have striven so long to keep the masses buried in as much filth as possible?

Worse, he wears his religion on his sleeve, unapologetically and without the burden of secular hypocrisy — the very religion this elitist class has derided, demeaned and apologised for for decades and for generations. Through networking, unrelenting subservience, sycophancy and self-serving activities the sustainable ecosystem that they had created is imploding.

Things used to be easy. You didn’t have to make much effort in order to become an “eminent” intellectual or historian. You could simply play one community against another and reap great political dividends. You could become a ‘scholar’ simply by rehashing existing rehashed works of similar ‘scholars’. You could do “stellar” work in journalism by simply pretending to be a journalist. Nobody questioned you. Even if somebody wanted to question you, he or she was devoid of a platform and was immediately declared a pariah. Even Arun Shourie was forced to self publish books as no one published them. The ivory tower had so far kept you and your class on cloud nine.

Although there hasn’t been a significant revolution, everything is changing. Connections don’t seem to work. People are demanding performance and merit. Mediocrity is being looked down upon. Accountability is not an exception but a rule. You are respected not because of who you are or who your parents were, but for what you do and what you deliver. Worse, the teeming millions who were supposed to wallow perpetually in dirt and disease-ridden streets are suddenly talking about a clean and proud country. They are daring to build world class cities rather than cities that can just be compared to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Even a city as unhygienic as Varanasi is now vying to become another Kyoto! They are aspiring to re-invoke the glorious past. The socialist mentality is being lampooned. The welfare schemes that made this elitist class prosperous are being withdrawn one by one. The laws that harassed the public and kept the corrupt elitist class out of jail are rapidly being trashed or changed to reverse the travesty.

They are shocked that everything is being undone right in front of their eyes and they cannot do anything about it. The hatred that was confined to the so-called scholarly interactions, newspaper editorials and TV studio discussions, rum-ridden evening soirees, divisive politics and intellectual legerdemains, is now spilling out on the roads in the form of the Madison Square Rajdeep fiasco and interminable left-liberal fulmination and abuse on the Internet.

The personal attacks have increased and that too from not just obscure writers and journalists, but also well-known personalities and a big reason could be that they want a backlash. This is a fetish prevalent among the Left-libs. So far, they have been following this policy with the so-called Internet Hindus. Say something totally outrageous and when people criticise you, mope around and complain about how you are being victimised.

The elitist class that was nurtured and encouraged by the British is now nurtured and encouraged by various international agencies continuously working to create frictions among various Indian communities. This class is proudly rootless and is marked by self-loathing. It knows the country’s real history but denounces it vociferously. Physical slavery is easier to overcome than mental slavery, which may take generations. It is the sort of slavery this elitist class perpetuates. The breaking of mental shackles disturbs them deeply.

The rise of Narendra Modi is a sign of the beginning of the end for this elitist class as it exists today. This sense of ending is what manifests in the form of the hatred towards him and the ones who support him.
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