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Indian Muslim mob beats a Muslim woman. Her crime? She wants to end the mass slaughter of cows and sheep as animal sacrifice during Eid festival

Author: Tarek S. Fatah
Publication: Tarekfatah.com
Date: October 5, 2014
URL: http://tarekfatah.com/hundreds-of-indian-muslim-men-beat-a-muslim-woman/

Benazir Suriaya is a brave Muslim woman in India. She is PETA India’s Lead Media Coordinator and a vegan who has initiated a campaign to convince her fellow Muslims to stop the mass slaughter of cows and sheep as an animal sacrifice to please Allah.

Instead, she is asking them to donate the equivalent to charity and save the lives of the animals. What she did not know was that the Muslims she was trying to convince had absolute zero-tolerance towards any debate.

Watch how hundreds of Muslim men attack her as some women in burka join the men and the crowd chants “Allah O Akbar.” If the police had not arrived who knows what they would have done to Benazir Suriaya.

But guess who has been charged and arrested by the police? Not any member of the mob, but Benazir Suriya! Police have arrested the PETA activists and registered a case against them under section 295 A for “outraging religious feelings.”

This is unbelievable. If this is how Muslims react to dissent in India, imagine what they would do in places such as Pakistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia.
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