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Al-Qaeda boss- Born in India radicalised in Pak

Author: Vicky Nanjappa
Publication: Vickynanjappa.com
Date: October 20, 2014
URL: http://vickynanjappa.com/2014/10/20/al-qaeda-boss-born-in-india-radicalised-in-pak/

The new chief of the Al-Qaeda in the Sub Continent (AQIS) is an Indian national. Asim Umar who is referred to as Ustad Asim Umar hails from Uttar Pradesh, Sahranpur and had left for Pakistan after he completed his education at the Darul Uloom Deoband in Uttar Pradesh. In Pakistan he pursued his higher studies at the Jamia Uloom-e-Islamia which has also taught the likes of Maulana Masood Azhar.

According to renowned journalist from Pakistan, Hamid Mir, the main qualification for Umar being appointed as the chief of the AQIS is that he is of Indian origin a fact that has been confirmed to us by the Indian Intelligence Agencies.

The Indian agencies who are looking more into the antecedents of Ustad Umar say that as per the information that has been gathered by them, he was a student at the Darul Uloom in Sarhanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He was a student who showed a great deal of interest in Islamic studies. However the transition for him happened when he decided to pursue his higher education in Pakistan. During his stint in India, although he spoke about the cause of the Muslims, he never felt the need to raise the banner of violence through bloody Jihad. He felt that Islamic education was the need of the hour in order to upkeep the values of Islam.

There was no sign of radicalization in him during his stay in India as per what we can gather at the moment. However when he was in Pakistan, there was a change that was noticed as he was an impressive character who felt very strongly about his religion and was a brilliant student. The first to spot him was the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen who wanted him to part of an ideological wing. They managed to coax and brainwash him into joining the cause against the Indian forces. Once convinced he was roped into the training wing of the Harkat which was based in a place that they call the Azad Kashmir. His role was to speak to the recruits and tell them the importance of battling this war.

During this stint he developed close relations with the Al-Qaeda and his fluency in the languages of Urdu, English, Arabic and Pashto made him an instant hit with the AQ. Moreover with his kind of thinking he felt that the AQ was a global outfit and he could have better reach with this outfit when compared to a regional reach the Harkat had.

He was around 33 when he joined the AQ. Intelligence Agencies say that Umar is around 46 years old today and his primary job with the AQ was to head the Sharia Council Unit of the outfit which is considered to be an extremely important wing.

The IB also says that he became the natural choice to head the AQIS only due to his Uttar Pradesh link. The AQ expects most of its cadres to come in from this state and even in the past we have seen a couple of youth joining the AQ from this state. What Asim Umar brings about is the connect between the AQ and the Indian youth. There has been an ideological connect with the AQ, but the small divide in terms of a language barrier has always made the process slower. It is a typical marketing trick adopted by the AQ. It is more on the lines of a brand appointing a CEO from a particular country when they realize that they have a market in that country. Umar is one such brand for the Indian market.

He has been a masked figure as he is the surprise package for the Al-Qaeda. None in the outfit want him to be recognized so soon as the recruitment drives from India have not commenced in full swing as yet. He is a trump card and would be seen a lot when the recruitment process goes up and this is expected during the early part of 2015. Basically what the appointment of a head of Indian origin indicates is that the AQ wants an army of its which has a great deal of Indians in it.


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