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February Month Article

  • Double-faced Secularism
    • Balbir Punj
      Double standards, hypocrisy and deceit, the hallmarks of Indian “secularists” of various hues, have come..........
  • Modi-phobic intelligentsia
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      Sometime in 2011, in an interview to a lesser-known publication, a former Chief Justice of India apologised for a judgment he had delivered some 35 years earlier...........
  • Random is the rule in professor Sen's Nalanda
    • Yatish Yadav
      The embryonic Nalanda University, the brainchild of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and its Chancellor Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and the UPA is in a class of its own. ...........
  • Abusing RSS is Creative Secularism
    • Rakesh Sinha
      Not a single newspaper or TV channel lets go of news and  views about the RSS and its affiliates. Not surprising, since India today is governed by the saffron party............
  • 'Secular' defence of the Nobel Laureate
    • Storify.com
      As a sulking Amartya Sen decides to quit as Chandellor of Nalanda University, what the MSM will not reveal is the manner in which the University functioned............
  • Nalanda University is ailing at childbirth
    • Poulasta Chakraborthy Academia
      September 1 2014 was a day of pride for the people of India, and specifically the people of Bihar as the Nalanda University...........
  • Religious Freedom: Whose freedom is it?
    • Virendra Parekh  
      Thanks, but no thanks. That would be the reaction of discerning missionaries to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much awaited intervention in the ongoing discourse on tolerance and religious freedom..........
  • Victims of conspiracy phobia
    • Priyadarshi Dutta
      The response of church authorities in Delhi and elsewhere over the targeting of church property by miscreants, has been lopsided and driven by bias.............
  • Nine Ways to Stop Conversions
    • Sanjeev Nayyar
      Thanks to “Ghar Vapasi” programs, the issue of conversions is in the news again. Unfortunately, no one seems to be going into the cause of conversions............
  • An Open Letter To Indian Prime Minister
    • Vamadevananda.wordpress.com
      First let me tell you that many a times, I felt that some Divine Force was inspiring you – the way Sri Aurobindo said that Churchill was guided by Him to fight the Nazis............
  • From Alabama To American Hinduphobia
    • Vamsee Juluri
      The incident of throwing an innocent grandfather to the ground and rendering him partially paralysed may not be a result of the police’s perception that the ‘suspect’ was Hindu..............
  • Nine Ways to Stop Conversions
    • Sanjeev Nayyar
      Thanks to “Ghar Vapasi” programs, the issue of conversions is in the news again. Unfortunately, no one seems to be going into the cause of conversions..............
  • Ridiculing nation’s secularism
    • JS Rajput
      Secularists, especially of the Left and Centrist variety, have exploited the sentiment to create and sustain vote-banks in the country............
  • Will America Let Al Qaeda Preach?
    • Kalavai Venkat
      This is the question Hindus should ask, next time President Obama insists that India facilitate missionary activities...........
  • Hindustan is a Hindu Rashtra: Bhagwat
    • The Stateman
      RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that India is a "Hindu Rashtra" and there is a need to organize all Hindus in the country for which this is "favourable time"............
  • Jinnah of Modern India
    • Tufail Ahmad
      Islamists are those who advance the cause of Islam, not people’s interests, in public life by political and legal means...........
  • Dear President Obama
    • Balbir Punj
      Congratulations on your highly successful visit to India. We are grateful to you for these words of wisdom:...........
  • The murky world of Matang Sinh
    • Nitin A Gokhale
      During his stint as MoS in the Narasimha Rao PMO Matang Sinh developed contacts in the bureaucracy which stood him in good stead...........
  • Bangladeshi Hindus are mice for cats
    • Indiafacts.co.in
      ‘This was sent by IndiaFacts reader Narayan Ukil, a Bangladeshi Hindu fighting for the rights of Hindus in Bangladesh.’...........
  • Moving on
    • Khaled Ahmed
      Some Pakistanis have been hysterical, TV anchors worst of all. Officially, it was normal till the media hate-hype forced some ministers to go back to the familiar sabre-rattling...........
  • India must not condone sedition
    • Ashali Varma
      No other country in the world would allow a man like Syed Ali Geelani to sing praises of terrorists who killed a senior Indian army officer and a police constable...........
  • Why America is betting on Modi
    • Sadanand Dhume
      Barely a year ago, most foreign policy pundits would likely have agreed on one simple prediction.........
  • Rahul Gandhi: A Love Story
    • Rupa Subramanya
      It appears that a large segment of the Indian and foreign media, to say nothing of academics and analysts.........
  • Tyranny of the Minority
    • Theodore Dalrymple
      There is more to fear in one terrorist than to celebrate in 99 well-adjusted immigrants.......

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