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September Month Article

  • Modi received like a star in the US: Pakistani daily
    • The Times of India
      Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an astute politician with the ability to outsmart rivals and he is aiming for the "political and military dominance of India", said a Pakistani daily that noted he was "received like a star" in the US.…....
  • Everything has seen a decline: Sushil Modi
    • Nistula Hebbar
      Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and senior BJP leader Sushil Modi on Monday said that there was no confusion in the minds of the voters of Bihar between.…....
  • India only home for followers of dharma
    • Sanjeev Nayyar
      A frantic manhunt is underway for a suspected Islamic State jihadi hiding in Calais and plotting to sneak into Britain to launch a terrorist attack.…....
  • PM’s Sanskrit jibe hits a raw secularist nerve
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      By now I am entirely convinced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a mischievous streak that is visible in private conversations but occasionally surfaces in public.…....
  • Gen VK Singh Framed?
    • Surajit Dasgupta
      He believes he is being targeted by a section of the media in connivance with corrupt portions of the Army he was fighting against while in service…....
  • Casual Silicon Valley goes formal for Modi
    • The Times of India
      The red carpet that was spread for Narendra Modi came special delivery courtesy the state department to give a formal welcome to the prime minister in the notoriously casual Silicon Valley, local media reported..…....
  • The quota policy needs review
    • Jagdish Bhagwati
      You've got this young man, Hardik Patel, who seems to have emerged from nowhere, he's basically questioning the entire reservation policy.…....
  • Western greats awestruck By Indian wisdom
    • Sandhya Regmi
      There would not be a matter of greater pride than to know that the greatest French Enlightenment author, critic, essayist, historian and one of the greatest thinkers.…....
  • Dad’s tip-off stops Hindu girl from joining IS
    • The Times of India
      Intelligence agencies in Delhi were in for a shock recently when a girl, who did her graduation from a reputed Delhi University college and went to Australia for her further studies.…....
  • History Strikes Back
    • Ravi Shankar
      There is a timeless tide that subterraneously links disparate events with genetic memory, intermittently spouting through fissures created by seismic shifts in the segueing of civilisations......…..
  • Don’t Blame The ISI
    • Don’t Blame The ISI
      It didn’t create the Taliban. The elected government of Pakistan did.....…..
  • Nehru museum okays director’s resignation
    • Akshaya Mukul, TNN
      The Executive Council of Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML) on Thursday accepted the resignation of director Mahesh Rangarajan after he submitted it again.....…..
  • A family gets together
    • Ram Madhav
      RSS-BJP relationship is unique. It cannot be understood by existing models....…..
  • The Modi Model
    • Vamsee Juluri
      It is likely that much of the coverage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to California will focus on business....…..
  • Why Swami Vivekananda still matters
    • Dr David Frawley, @davidfrawleyved
      He taught us how to realise the universal consciousness beyond the limitations of time and space within our own minds and hearts.....…..
  • A meeting with the Prime Minister
    • Kaneenika Sinha
      There have been reports in the media of a meeting of the Prime Minister with around 30 scientists at his residence on 19th August......…..
  • Did Hamid Gul Really Offer India Peace?
    • Tufail Ahmad  @tufailelif
      On 28 August, an article provocatively titled “When Hamid Gul offered India peace” (and without a question mark) was published by the Marxist Indian newspaper The Hindu.....…..
  • Why Israel is proud of Tel Aviv University
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      Israel is understandably proud of its Tel Aviv University, which has, in recent years, emerged as a foremost non-American centre of technological innovation.....…..
  • Growing population, changing identity
    • RK Sinha
      The practice of misleading Muslims for the sake of vote-bank politics must stop. Instead, they must be told how population growth is eating into our national resources....…..
  • Did IM operative take paragliding class in Goa?
    • Vicky Nanjappa
      Bengaluru, Sept 8: The intelligence bureau sleuths in Goa are collecting information on whether terrorists had landed in the state and taken classes in paragliding......…..
  • Stuck in the Slums of Secularist History
    • Sandeep Balakrishna 
      It is a mathematical certainty that cricket commentator Mr. Ramachandra Guha is only an arm’s length away from jumping in to defend the prolonged tyranny of the dark period of Muslim rule of India.......…...
  • Ansari peddles Muslim victimhood
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      Vice-President M. Hamid Ansari’s fulmination about Muslims’ plight in India is as astonishing as it is deplorable.....…...
  • Nepal Likely To Junk ‘Secular’ Tag
    • Jayant Chowdhury
      There is a general consensus among all major parties in Nepal that the country need not proclaim itself to be a secular republic.....…...
  • The Indian paradigm for religious tolerance
    • Balbir Punj
      The faithfuls, for whom bloodshed ofkafirs is an article of faith, must know that ‘god is one'. For those who hold the world to ransom claiming divine injunction, there is ‘only one god' and the rest is kufur or heresy.…...
  • Stoop To Any Extent To Stop One Man
    • Sandeep Balakrishna
      The latest petition against Modi’s US visit is breathtaking for its sheer, self-righteous hubris, not to mention the fact that the lies and the spin it contains are not unfamiliar.…...
  • The definitive Ayodhya chronicle
    • Koenraad Elst
      There are very few publications giving a factual account of historical facts underlying the Ayodhya controversy.…...
  • Why Pakistan is its biggest worry
    • Farheen Rizvi, @FarriRizvi
      Rounding up political activists as terrorists while showing benevolence to actual terrorists reflect the State's non-serious approach towards terrorism..........
  • What’s in a name? Quite a lot, actually
    • M.J. Akbar
      The fault line in Bihar’s recently cobbled ‘Grand Alliance’ is obvious: it was too grand for its own good. It had so many artificial legs it could not walk...........

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