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November Month Article

  • Growing-up under Red Terror
    • Abha Bharti
      Jharkhand police doesn’t have exact figure of missing children who apparently landed in Maoists’ training camps but the number is more than a thousand............
  • Gilgit-Baltistan Calling
    • Brig Anil Gupta
      Pakistan uses the people of Gilgit-Baltistan as cannon fodder to achieve its politico-strategic interests. The people want freedom from the oppressive Pak regime...........
  • Grossly illogical Protest
    • Organiser.org
      Sahitya Akademi president Dr Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari terms the return of awards by some writers as an illogical step............
  • Those who ‘bougt’ are returning
    • P. Valsala
      In a joint statement intellectuals from Kerala termed the return of Sahitya Akademi awards as “equal to sending old parents to old age homes...........
  • Manufactured Farce
    • AC Vashishth
      More than two dozen writers have returned their awards against the murder of veteran Kannada writer Dr MM Kalburgi...........
  • Insult of literature
    • Prof. Tribhuvannath Shukl
      Executive Board member of Sahitya Akademi and also former director of Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Akademi Prof Tribhuvannath Shukla terms the protest by some Sahitya Akademi award winners as insult of the literature...........
  • Recover full amount 
    • Subhash Agrawal
      The Sahitya Akademi awardees get many facilities which are permanent. Only 8 of the 28 writers who have announced to return the awards have sent letters in this regard to the Akademi..........
  • Your Time is Over Comrades!
    • Dr Ramesh C Bhardwaj
      Sahitya Akademi award is not just a recognition or monitory gains. It is more than that..........
  • Selective Amnesia
    • Organiser
      Literary and intellectual personalities have an important role to play in the society, especially when it comes to change.........
  • Open letter to Mr. Shahrukh Khan
    • Bandyopadhyay Arindam
      Your name is a household phenomenon in Indian and even beyond her borders. Your fame has put you in the Newsweek "most powerful people list" recently.........
  • Khurshid Kasuri’s flight of fancy
    • M. K. Narayanan
      Pakistan’s ex-Foreign Minister Kasuri presents an overly optimistic picture in his book, not only of the state of India-........
  • Media: The Turn Of The Phrase
    • Vinod Mehta
      The writing on the wall doesn’t mean we drop our guard or critical faculties. But neither does it mean we join the pack........
  • As the October Protests rage on
    • Zoya Hasan
      The “gathering interrogation” of the government by civil society represents a widely-shared critique of the regime.......
  • Indo-Pak relations are war, not 'politics'
    • Major General Mrinal Suman
      Indian apologists of Pakistan are often heard delivering sermons that Indo-Pak cultural/sports ties should not be held hostage to politics. It is a perverse argument........
  • Deep-rooted animus for Sardar
    • Anirban Ganguly
      Over the decades after independence, the Left-ideologues dominated the narrative in the educational sphere as......
  • In India, the Left does no wrong
    • Kumar Chellappan
      Intellectuals blaming the Modi Government for ‘growing intolerance’ in the country should take note of the actions of communist......
  • Fatal Speech
    • Nikhil Kumar
      Secular voices are targeted for death in Bangladesh.......
  • Yes Sir, intolerance has increased!
    • Ratan Sharda
      A friend of mine, moved to Chennai a decade back. As we chatted away, he told me, "I was a normal happy secular Hindu.......
  • Dissent nautanki diminishes democracy
    • Kanchan Gupta
      It must be said, and said right away, that India is witnessing its very own desi version of last summer’s US campus protests spun around the theme of boycotting......
  • Perception war on in India
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      I must confess my profound irritation last Tuesday on discovering that all the four English news.......
  • Nehruvians / Leftist "Secular-Liberals"
    • Rajnikantp.blogspot.in
       “Of all ignorance, the ignorance of the educated is the most dangerous. Not only are educated people likely to have more influence.........
  • Learning the craft of business
    • Malini Nair
      For over 350 years, the Soni family of Mathura has been snipping exquisite paper stencils to create rangolis at Krishna temples.........

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