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December Month Article

  • The Song Of Krishna
    • Aditi Banerjee
      The uniqueness of the Gita is that it does not glorify Sri Krishna alone; it glorifies Arjuna also and the very process of dialogue and discussion between him and Sri Krishna..........
  • An Indian King's Mark on Kandahar
    • Phiroze Vasunia
      Kandahar is once again in the news, and for reasons that are all too familiar. Earlier this month, the Taliban mounted an assault on Kandahar airport that left over 40 people dead........
  • The Abrahamic God
    • Michel Danino
      An excerpt from Michel Danino’s book “Indian Culture and India’s Future”. Our first task therefore…..........
  • History, Pride and Textbooks
    • Santhi Pasumarthi
      History has dark and bright sides. It can hurt and it can inspire. But at the end, it can only make our understanding better and move ahead with wisdom...........
  • The Case for Bullet Trains
    • Akhilesh Mishra
      “It’ll cost far less to act now than it would to delay until further damage is done” is how President Ronald Reagan............
  • Caught in a self-spun web of chicanery
    • Sandhya Jain
      The National Herald case could scuttle Sonia Gandhi's spectacular political career and ground Rahul Gandhi's resurgent ambitions...........
  • Asia’s Bleeding Heart
    • Mohammad Taqi
      That’s what Pakistan’s broken pledges have reduced Afghanistan to...........
  • NYT Cartoon on India is Jumbo Mistake
    • Swati Thiyagarajan
      An elephant on the rail tracks...if this was an Indian story, it would be about how the elephant was knocked down and died or was badly injured............
  • From the Heart of a Muslim
    • Tawfik Hamid
      I was born a Muslim and lived all my life as a follower of Islam. After the barbaric terrorist attacks done by the hands of my fellow Muslims everywhere on this globe.............
  • Living and dying in the Special Forces
    • Rudraneil Sengupta
      Inside the world of the secretive 9 Para SF, involved in ceaseless battle in the rugged, forested mountains along the LoC............
  • But where would Aamir Khan go?
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      Film star Aamir Khan’s wife believes that the Narendra Modi government has been such a calamity that wants to leave India...............
  • An Open Letter to Aamir Khan From a Disappointed Fan
    • The Quint
      Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s comments on what he sees as the “growing sense of fear and insecurity in the country” have already been garnering massive reactions on social media...............
  • Why The Congress Is Wrong
    • Arun Jaitley
      The Congress Party, for the past few days, has disrupted both houses of Parliament. Its Goebbelsian propaganda is that the party’s leadership is a victim of political vendetta. What then are the facts?.........
  • The limits of negativism
    • M Venkaiah Naidu
      The special sitting of Parliament to commemorate Ambedkar only saw parties try to score brownie points. Opposition must realise that the people are tiring of confrontational politics...........
  • PM Modi wishes Sonia Gandhi on 69th birthday
    • The Indian Express
      Modi's greetings came even as the Congress party and the government were locked in a bitter fight with the opposition alleging "political vendetta" in the National Herald case...........
  • Ex-rag picker's cleaning firm hits Rs 1cr turnover
    • Piyush Mishra
      Until 1981, Manjula Vaghela, now 60, used to work as a paper picker on the city streets for a living, earning Rs 5 per day. On rainy and cold days, this measly income would also elude her...........
  • For real intolerance, see China template
    • Claude Arpi
      India, with a population of over one billion souls, has obviously some fools, some big-mouths and even some intolerant individuals. But in my 41 years in this country.........
  • Shefali Vaidya
    • Facebook.com
      I am a Hindu and I am sick and tired of my faith, my belief systems and my way of life being ridiculed, lampooned and distorted by self-professed 'intellectuals'........

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