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April Month Article

  • The Last Mogul
    • Anand Ranganathan
      Has NDTV turned into a government ministry - employing hundreds but making little profit and no impact?.....
  • The language link
    • Natasha Badhwar
      In the Similipal hills of Odisha, a young man teaches tribal children, using their mother tongue Ho to bridge their world and the world of mainstream education in Odia and English......
  • Religion does preach terror
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      With the recent revelations regarding the Malegam and Samjhuata blasts, the terms Hindu terror and saffron terror have once again gained currency.
  • Secular? That's a laugh
    • Kanchan Gupta
      Every time secular India has demanded that the system of personal laws based on religious injunctions should be done away with..........
  • Stories of Faith: The Shrine Of Tirupati
    • Chandrachoodan G
      Kum. A.Kanyakumari is an acclaimed Carnatic violinist, innovator and teacher. She has performed with some of the biggest names in Carnatic music, as well as solo........
  • Three RAW officers defect to the West
    • Abhinandan Mishra
      It is assumed that the officers were working for a western intelligence agency and have passed on vital information before disappearing............
  • Barkha’s nihilistic cult of biased journalism
    • Mayuresh Didolkar  @freentglty
      Next time when you see Barkha pontificating on, say, the Sabarimala issue, please remember this truth folks- this is the woman who thinks that woman wearing veil is a matter of individual choice.......…
  • What Actually Happened In NIT Srinagar
    • Surajit Dasgupta
      Jammu & Kashmir police personnel joined Kashmiri students, teachers and outsiders to launch an assault on non-Kashmiri students.....….
  • Red Earth Tales
    • Advaita Kala
      You may not have heard of Sadanandan Master. One dark night in 1994, days short of his sister’s wedding...…..
  • Clearing the air on LPG
    • Siddharth George, Arvind Subramanian
      Several questions have been raised about our estimates of the savings from the DBT scheme for cooking gas....…...
  • 5 PhD theses on this class III-dropout poet
    • Dipak K Dash, TNN
      He has barely attended school, but five scholars have based their PhD reserarch on this writer and poet from western Odisha who received the Padma Shri from the President on Monday..…...

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