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August Month Article

  • How John Dayal helps break India
    • Anirban Ganguly
      A leading Indian daily reported on 6 April, 2014 on a US Congressional panel’s hearing on religious freedom in India.......
  • Media, lies and searches on Sindhu’s caste
    • Sankrant Sanu @sankrant
      Using the 10x relative ratio from Google Trends, about 2100 searches for “PV Sindhu caste” likely happened in August, not “millions” as claimed by The News Minute.......
  • Of soldiers and sportspersons...
    • Deepak Sinha
      We eulogise our soldiers and cheer our sportspersons. Yet we don’t care enough to invest in their welfare.......
  • Let Amnesty expose itself
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      The Narendra Modi regime and the Sangh Parivar may find it odd but their excessive zeal to combat ‘anti-national’......
  • NaMo Bowls a No-Ball
    • Hindupost.in
      The PM of Bharat, Narendra Modi, at the recent town-hall style meeting in the national capital......
  • Sudden death
    • Ann Ninan
      In a state where, as a rule, civil servants rarely venture outdoors without armed guards.......
  • Yes, It’s Time to Outrage
    • Hindupost.in
      The police case filed against Outlook magazine for its ‘Baby Lift’ cover story alleging that RSS.......
  • The Secret History of JNU
    • Surajit Dasgupta
      The story of secessionism and crimes committed on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus is an old one.....…..
  • Stopped at the great wall
    • Ramachandra Guha
      In a recent essay in the Times Literary Supplement, the Egyptian writer, Ahdaf Soueif.....…..
  • While We Are In Denial, Our Girls Are Suffering
    • HinduPost Staff
      It is the elephant in the room that our chattering classes pretend doesn’t exist. They will cluck their tongues at the cow ‘vigilantes’, the ‘screeching’ sadhus/sadhvis, the ‘rising intolerance’,.....…..
  • Why Modi speaks the way he does
    • Virender Kapoor
      [Book extract] The PM delivers a different flavour every time to the audience, whether it be the public or a collection of bureaucrats.....…..
  • Paradise, the New Muslim Utopia
    • Kamel Daoud
      Future writing project: a topography of paradise in the medieval Muslim imagination. But not only medieval....…..
  • Barkha Falls Deeper
    • Mediacrooks.com
      For a long time, though NDTV's reporting was dubious no one could say anything as Prannoy, Barkha and Rajdeep had become stars.…...
  • That inept 'Saint Antony'
    • Ravi Velloor
      'It was almost as though there was widespread relief that the defence bureaucracy, and the minister...…...
  • Maoists kill pastor in East Godavari
    • The Hindu
      Maoists kidnapped and killed a pastor branding him as a police informer in Chinturu mandal of East Godavari district in early hours of Saturday. ...…...

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