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October Month Article

  • Swaraj, Murty And Indology
    • Makarand Paranjape
      In the space of nine days, from 13-22 November 1909, Mahatma Gandhi wrote his seminal treatise, Hind Swaraj…...
  • Look who is talking
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      How hypocritical a politician can get? In India, there are no limits—certainly not for Congress leader and former Union minister P.…...
  • What are we thinking?
    • Babar Sattar
      It is not the rhetoric of our speeches but the substance of our policies manifested in actions that will prevent Pakistan from being pushed into isolation....…..
  • Govt says no to Shariat
    • Ravi Shanker Kapoor
      The Bharatiya Janata Party government seems to have adopted a gradualist approach regarding the implementation of a uniform civil code...…....
  • Crossing a red line
    • Sandeep Unnithan
      There was nothing on their minds except the success of their mission...…....
  • India’s War on Terror 
    • Ryszard Czarnecki
      On September 29, 2016, the Indian government informed the international community…....
  • PM Modi scripts an Army reset
    • Madhav Nalapat
      The removal of the Uri Brigade Commander is the start of a new accountability drive led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior officials say...…..
  • European Parliament backs India’s surgical strikes
    • The Indian Express
      EP Vice President Czarnecki said that it was also important for the European Union to maintain pressure on Pakistan to eliminate the terror networks that operate within its borders....…..
  • A different leader…
    • Ram Madhav
      In the last two years, the Indian army has repeatedly foiled attempts by Pakistan-sponsored terrorist groups to infiltrate into India.....…..
  • War or Peace?
    • B.N.V. Parthasarathi
      The recent surgical strike by Bharat is the first ever offensive defense step initiated by Bharat so far....…...

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