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November Month Article

  • Close out the war on corruption
    • R.K.Raghavan
      Demonetisation done, the government must now draw up a firm strategy to show the door to the corrupt and lax in higher bureaucracy.........
  • Demonetisation Demythified
    • Bibek Debroy
      WE NEED TO dispose of some preliminaries first. ‘Demonetisation’ means that some kind of currency unit loses its status as legal tender.........
  • Open Diary
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      The lack of intellectual diversity in English media.…
    • Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)
      When I was serving in the Indian Army, Capt. Abhay (name changed) would lament, always privately...…
  • A tale of two elections
    • Ashok Chowgule
      It is said that in electing a right-wing leader in the USA as the president, the 2016 elections are a reflection of what has happened in India in 2014...…
  • The History of Shampoo
    • Melanie Abrahams, MIMI 
      Shampoo is good for many things. It makes you smell good, it can give you an extra little bounce..…...
  • Kashmir’s kitschy denial
    • Rahul Pandita
      A lit fest in the Valley was supposed to be a sign of normalcy. Now, someone is extending this logic to its schools..…...
  • Flame that has illumined for 222 years
    • Bharat Yagnik, TNN
      Diwali is a time when the sparkle of oil lamps symbolizing the triumph of good over evil fills us with its festive fervour...…...
  • Case against a uniform asylum law
    • Bhairav Acharya
      Denying the government the ability to make sovereign decisions about who can receive India’s asylum would be counterproductive..…...

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