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Media is after Rijiju because he questioned their calculated silence

Author: Bhushan Agrawal
Publication: Rightlog.in
Date: February 16, 2017
URL:   http://rightlog.in/2017/02/kiren-rijiju-arunachal-pradesh/

“Conversion tweet lands Kiren Rijiju in a tough spot” says the TOI, “Fresh Controversy: Population of Hindus decreasing, minorities flourishing, tweets Kiren Rijiju” says Indian Express, “Kiren Rijiju does it again, says Hindu population reducing as they never convert” says Hindustan Times, “Kiren Rijiju claims Hindu population is reducing in India: How accurate is he?” says Firstpost.

These and many more such headlines by most of the MSM (Main stream media) have flooded the internet since the day Kiren Rijiju responded back to Congress on twitter. The story doesn’t end here. If you go deeper into the article content, except for the real subject of “mass conversion by the missionaries in the state of Arunachal Pradesh”, the liberal journalists talk about anything and everything, circling around the quintessential “disturbing communal harmony”along with “UP elections”, “polarization”, Kiren Rijiju’s political journey, his past statements, etc.

It is understandable to a certain extent that the opposition parties like the Congress opposed Rijiju’s statements, because of their ideology and the political compulsions.

But what is making the media so mad so as to trade in rhetorics rather than reality?

It is an open secret that most of the MSM have for decades suppressed facts and figures on conversion by the missionaries especially in the Northeast India and all tribal regions where allurement for money has been the sole criteria for conversion. There have been furious and heated talk shows and debates in the media about and around “Ghar Wapasi”, but try finding discussions about the core subject of the missionaries & the evangelists within the country and you will find none.

Why is there no media trial on their international funding?

Why is there no hidden camera to trace their real motive and why there is no reality check about the demographic change in certain tribal and backward regions of the country?

These and similar unending list of uncomfortable questions have never been asked or answered by the MSM and the missionaries.

It started with Congress’s chestbeating about “Modi led BJP led government trying to convert Arunachal Pradesh into a Hindu state”. Kiren Rijiju was quick to respond, He said “Hindu population is reducing in India because Hindus never convert people. Minorities in India are flourishing unlike some countries around.”

And all hell broke loose!


Let’s analyze Kiren Rijiju’s statistically and see if those are realities or a fear psychosis ploy.

(ORP – Other Religions and Persuasions)


These figures (in numbers and graphics) are on govt. records and speak volumes about the exponential rate of conversion which has been happening for the past few decades, but the Congress and the MSM have been mum.

In the course of the last decade of 2001-11, the proportion of Christians in the population of Arunachal Pradesh has risen from less than 19 to more than 30 percent, and they now form a majority or near majority of the population in several districts.

The share of Christians in the Scheduled Tribes population of the State and the districts is even higher. Arunachal Pradesh, unlike other hill States of the northeast, had escaped widespread Christianization until 1981 and, to a large extent, even until 1991. Christian presence in the State began to acquire serious proportions in 2001, the Religion Data of Census 2011 indicates that the State is now well on its way towards near complete Christianization of the Schedule Tribes population as it happened within the first decade in Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and, to a significant extent, in Meghalaya.

But were we not told that the media & journalism was supposed to be the torch bearer of the truth and facts?

Reminds me of this famous quote “Tell the truth or someone else will tell it for you!”





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