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Forced to Be a Hindu

Author: PrafullaKetkar
Publication: Organiser.org
Date: April 24, 2018
URL:      http://www.organiser.org//Encyc/2018/4/24/Editorial-Forced-to-Be-a-Hindu.html

"Hinduism is not a definitive dogmatic creed, but a vast, complex, but subtly unified mass of spiritual thought and realisation. Its tradition of the godward endeavour of the human spirit has been continuously enlarging through the ages”

- S Radhakrishnan , Hindu View of Life, P. 8

Terror is a terror and rape is a rape and both should be dealt with firmly. Linking any of those to a caste or religious identity is a dangerous and divisive ploy. The acquittal of Swami Aseemanand and others in Mecca Masjid bomb blast case and the truth that is coming out in the Kathua rape case, has again brought out the nefarious game of demeaning Hindus and breaking Bharat. Though Congress is categorically denying responsibility for coining such a theory, in the present Avatar of reinventing ‘Hindu’ identity the Gandhi scion, Rahul Gandhi and his dynastic party cannot run away from the critical questions associated with the issue.
In all the three critical cases of terror attacks, Samjhauta Express, Malegaon Blast and Mecca Masjid blast, the initial investigation by local police pointed fingers towards Pakistan and subsequent arrests were also made. The moment National Investigation Agency was created, the then Home Minister P Chidambaram specified the objectives and coined the term ‘Hindu Terror’.
Former chairman of Bharat’s Joint Intelligence Committee and ex-deputy national security advisor Dr SD Pradhan had disclosed that this was done to reap the political benefits. He also categorically mentioned about the involvement of Pakistan in the Samjhauta Express blast. Why the direction of investigation got diverted NIA? Who were the people UPA Government was trying to protect? Why specifically ‘Hindu Terror’ term was coined? Why the people involved in awakening of innocent Vanvasis that were falling prey to the fraudulent conversion tactics of Missionaries were targetted in the name of ‘Hindu Terror’?
If proving Hindus terrorists was not enough of misadventure, the Congress and its liberal-communist friends tried to float a new theory to brand the entire the Hindu community as rapists or protector of rapists. The heinous crime against a minor girl is a matter of shame. The Courts time and again have given directions against using the victim’s name in any sexual assault related case. What the locals of Jammu were demanding was a CBI probe and not of saving the rapists. Still, they were projected as protectors of rapists. The case was used to malign the entire Hindu community, even Hindu Gods and Goddesses were invoked to vitiat the national atmosphere on communal lines. The fissures were created in Jammu and Kashmir, ultimately benefitting the Pakistan supported separatists and terrorists.
Conveniently linking either terror or heinous crime is the old game of ‘liberals’ and ‘seculars’ of Bharat. What has changed is the way fake theories are evolved and fraudulent outrage is created to target Bharat in the name of ‘Hindu’. The Congress party has been a part of this game for a long time. When the plot boomeranged in 2014 and the Antony committee while analysing the outcome of General Elections identified the ‘anti-Hindu’ perception about the party as one of the important causes. The party leadership changed the colour, that was evident during the Gujarat elections.

Now the great ‘secular’ game of Congress is haunting it back. How can people forget the fact that the UPA not only floated the ‘Saffron Terror’ theory but also tried to promulgate the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill in 2011 to bracket the entire Hindu community as a perpetrator of violence? However Congress try to project itself as a ‘Hindu’, the track record, the stand on various issues including that of infiltration, Jihadi violence, fraudulent conversion etc and the atmosphere created by the ‘secular’ eco-system supported by the grand old party, common Hindus will always perceive Shri Rahul Gnadhi as ‘forced to be a Hindu’ and not the real protector of the Hindu ethos.
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