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Debunking the manhandling of Christian Pastors in Kanyakumari

Publication: SatyaVijayi Staff
Date: April 30, 2018
URL:      https://satyavijayi.com/debunking-the-manhandling-of-christian-pastors-in-kanyakumari/

Few days back, ANI reported that two Christian pastors were manhandled by a group of people in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. The pictures displayed a group of people throwing and applying holy ash on these pastors which was reported as manhandling by the media.

Several Media houses when they published this story, probably with a hidden agenda avoided the reason for such drastic action by locals on these pastors. Maybe the activities of these pastors before this incident were not even taken into consideration.
 Two pastors manhandled by a group of men in Kanyakumari. #TamilNadu
01:35 - 28 Apr 2018

The videos related to these incidents have been viral in Social Media. Infact the videos which were shared by an evangelist, Samuel Churchill, to support these Christian Pastors had backfired. Unfortunately he has only exposed these pastors by posting these videos. The videos can be seen here:-

From watching the video, it is unquestionably evident that these pastors had attempted to convert young kids who were attending religious classes in a ‘Hindu’ temple. As per the video, these pastors had tried to spread evangelical pamphlets to the young kids, stating that these kids can pursue their studies well if they read these pamphlets. They had also told these kids that Jesus had sent them to distribute these pamphlets.

When the video of the alleged mishandling is seen, it is visible that the people who applied the holy ash were strongly condemning and warning these pastors, not indulge in such evangelical activities. People were seen applying the holy ash on pastors as an outrage in response to the activities of pastors, and this incident had been reported as a case of manhandling of Christian Pastors by DNA.

As per reports from DNA, ‘Police have arrested Suresh and booked him under section 153 A (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and section 342 of IPC (punishment for wrongful confinement)’. Dr N Shreenath, superintended of police, Kanyakumari had confirmed to media that there is no affiliation of the arrested, Suresh, to any political or religious groups.

Few groups are trying to politicise this issue by linking it with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Jegath Gaspar Raj of Tamil Maiyam organisation said, “Atrocities against the Christian community, the assault and attack on Christian preachers and threatening of the Christian population in Tamil Nadu are being done by the RSS and its affiliated organisations. We will repel the forces of violence with the strength of non-violence”.

This shows incomplete reporting of media agencies like ANI too. They had deliberately avoided to report the activities of the pastors but instead suggested that pastors were mishandled. Many such rampant evangelic activities in India are neither being reported, nor being condemned properly by credible Media houses.
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