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July Month Article

  • Unveiling Lutyens – The ‘Loyal’ Descendants
    • Hindu Post
      There is a mind-boggling web of interconnection that relates one Lutyens’ journalist-historian-writer-politician-bureaucrat with another journalist-historian-writer-politician-bureaucrat.…...
  • The Lynch Fraud
    • Media Crooks.com
      The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued yet another advisory to all States on the issue of mob violence and “lynching”.…...
  • Feeding People for 150 years
    • Rama Devi
      The fire that was lit in the kitchen at Vadalur still continues to burn without break for over 150 years feeding every visitor thrice a day.…...
  • Manmatha Nath Dutt: The Lost Hero
    • Bibek Debroy
      What does the expression ‘Elysium Bower’ remind you of?  I wonder how many people will think of John Keats and Endymion…...
  • Why Indo-Judaic studies are indispensable
    • B S Harishankar
      The veteran scholar of Indo-Jewish studies, Professor Nathan Katz, records that during his visit in 1984 to the Kochi synagogue in Kerala..…...
  • Drain The Swamp
    • Nandini Bahri-Dhanda.com
      So we ran out one hot, dusty, desert afternoon in flapping Hawai chappals on the burning sand towards a rickety bridge...….
  • The Living Deities of Puri
    • Pratyasha Rath
      For centuries, rituals surrounding Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra, have unfolded with the rolling chariots. They keep the siblings alive in a community..….
  • A Feast For The Gods, Literally
    • Jaideep Mazumdar
      In the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the act of preparing a meal and the act of ritual worship...….
  • Egg on their faces
    • Kanchan Gupta
      One of the apocryphal stories that came to symbolise the absurdity of Indira Gandhi's totalitarian rule during the Emergency..….
  • Food, fit for the Lord
    • S. Prabhu
      Both Lakshmi Narasimhan and Srivatsan have given up lucrative jobs to serve at the Madapalli of Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple...….
  • Blame it on the Liberals — Bend it like Mehta
    • Manyu Putra
      Mr. Pratap Bhanu Mehta, recently wrote a ‘blockbuster’ piece called ‘Blame it on the liberals’, which had most of those who call themselves liberals going ooh and aah over it.…...
  • An Empire and Its Nervous Periphery
    • Claude Arpi
      China has been expanding its boundaries to fulfil its dream of becoming the world’s most powerful nation. But the picture is not rosy. Resentment among the best of China’s friends is growing…...
  • How Indian was the Mughal Empire?
    • Aneesh Gokhale 
      This article shall explain how, from the time of Babur to that of Aurangzeb, foreign born nobility always formed the major component of Mughal nobility.…...
  • Emergency, from the outside
    • Rudra Chaudhuri
      Media in the US and UK were unequivocal in their criticism of Indira Gandhi. But for governments in the West, it was business-as-usual…...
  • Nehru’s adversary
    • Tarun Vijay
      A JNU meet on Syama Prasad Mookerjee has powerful symbolic significance..…...
  • A hysterical account of history
    • Shubhabrata Bhattacharya
      The launch of Saifuddin Soz’s Kashmir: Glimpses of History, the Story of Struggle was mired in controversy…...
  • Kashmir: If Patel had his way…
    • Madhuri Madhok
      Patel told Madhok, ‘I can do nothing. Jawaharlal has kept Jammu and Kashmir under his direct charge.’…...
  • Church Crimes 4 - Predators
    • Media Crooks
      Ordinary folks invest a lot in religion and religious Heads. Leading a middle-class life or not being very well-off…...

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