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August Month Article

  • Stop witch-hunt against Army
    • Narendra Kumar
      At a time when India is facing serious internal security challenges, there is an industry that is mushrooming across..…
  • Vajpayee: The Authentic Right-Liberal
    • A Surya Prakash
      Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s statesmanship was the ideal bridge which enabled India to transit from the Left of Centre politics of Nehru and Indira Gandhi to Centre-Right. He commanded the adulation and admiration of all....…
  • What are we missing in Sabarimala Debate?
    • Ranjith Vadiyala
      I am neither for, nor against the ‘entry of women’ into Sabarimala devalayam. But I strictly oppose the frame work within which the issue is being debated, at least in the public domain....…
  • Distortion of the Articles 25-31
    • Shankar Sharan
      The Constitution of a country is the basic document for governing the country. However, if for any reason, some Articles or concept therein get distorted..…
  • The Second Victims of Jihad.
    • Shourie Bannai
      A warm August morning, I was driving southwards from Dallas to Houston, with two of the finest intellectual minds from India in the car....…
  • Account of a 16-year-old survivor
    • Gujarat Riots.com
      On the 27th February, the Ahmedabad bound Sabarmati Express, carrying karsevaks from Ayodhya was barbarously....…
  • In Solidarity With Indigenous People
    • Atul Jog
      European countries physically eliminated and destroyed the identities of indigenous peoples; the world has much to learn from India and its Constitution..…
  • His Portion of the Earth
    • Patrick French
      Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul’s ambition was to be a writer, and, in this, his legacy — shaped by the curious cultural ecosystem he found himself in....…
  • Girl fakes rape, men jailed for years
    • Dhananjay Mahapatra
      The Supreme Court on Tuesday acquitted two persons in a 2001 rape case in Faridabad but not before one had served 10 years and the other seven years in jail......…
  • Confluence of Knowledge
    • Prafulla Ketkar
      Science cannot exist in vaccum; it has to work within the fold of ethics and society. Therefore, Science in Bharatiya tradition always...…
  • A leader for the ages, he was ahead of the times
    • Narendra Modi
      In times of turbulence and disruption, a nation is blessed to have a leader who rises to become its moral compass and guiding spirit, providing vision, cohesion and direction to his people......…
  • The London tamasha
    • Ajai Sahni
      FLUSH with funds, with a frenetic campaign to drum up support, and sponsorship schemes to fly people from across the world and provide free accommodation in London....…
  • Dharma’s Judeo-Christian view
    • Anand Neelakantan
      Wendy Doniger is a great scholar. She is intelligent and articulate. Regrettably, she was born in the wrong hemisphere...…
  • Umar Khalid shooting attempt: Police obtain CCTV footage
    • Saurabh Trivedi
      CCTV footage from over nine locations showing a man walking and wiping his face with a handkerchief after allegedly attacking JNU student and activist Umar Khalid was obtained by the Delhi police on Tuesday....…
  • The Myth Of The Renunciation
    • Krishen Kak
      “The Big Lie is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf..….
  • Where history comes alive
    • Sweta Akundi
      The Colours of Glory foundation organised a re-enactment of the Battle of Colachel on the shores of Chennai…..
  • Award wapsi: What really happened is still a mystery!
    • Makarand R Paranjape
      Was “award wapsi” a genuine protest of principled conscience-keepers of the nation or a mala fide conspiracy against the PM and the government on the eve of the Bihar elections in 2015…..
  • The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
    • Raghunandhan Bhaskaran
      They were a rich and prosperous people, proud of their ways. They worshiped many gods, many people came to their places....…..
  • Truth fears no trolls
    • R. S. Sharma
      The Twitterati have had a long run since I responded to a challenge to reveal my Aadhaar number....…..
  • Wage War On Corrupt Ngos
    • Navneet Anand
      The idea behind NGOs has lost sheen over the years; most have become synonymous with corruption. There is a need to restore their credibility...…..
  • Narasimha Rao's final humiliation
    • M D Nalapat
      Appropriately for the capital of a country that has witnessed the death of hope so often, Delhi is a city of tombs.…...
  • The Sins Of  ‘St Antony’
    • Prakhar Gupta
      A K Antony was heralded as ‘Mr Clean’ of the UPA regime. But behind the seemingly spotless image lay a series of crises that he led the Defence Ministry to.…...
  • Kathua: Justice Must Be Delivered
    • Sandhya Jain
      If justice is to be done to the victim given the new twists and turns in the Kathua case, the child’s killers must be identified and their motives have to be exposed…...
  • India is now one nation, one grid
    • Utpal Bhaskar, Amrit Raj & Arundhati Ramanathan
      In a potential game-changer, South India has joined the national electricity grid, completing the integration of the entire country into one seamless network for delivering power to consumers..…...
  • Temples and Traditions of Kerala
    • Anjali George
      Kerala is renowned for its distinct temple culture that traces back to centuries. The elegant architecture, intricate artwork and the unique…..

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