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December Month Article

  • When fake news hit Der Spiegel
    • Emran Feroz
      Germany’s media landscape is still in shock after Der Spiegel, the country’s leading news magazine, revealed that one of its journalists.…...
  • All you wanted to know about the Kumbha Mela
    • Prabuddha Bharata
      Kumbha Mela of great antiquity will be held at Prayag [Allahabad] next month. Here is a bird’s-eye view of the significance of the event in question-and-answer form..…...
  • To check Maoists, forces to target their local helpers
    • Deeptiman Tiwary
      Wary of being accused of human rights violations, the security forces operating in the region had so far not targetted the “Jan Militia” who are primarily farmers or villagers who live off the forest.…...
  • 1018: Mahmud Ghazni’s invasion of Mathura
    • Rakesh Krishnan Simha @ByRakeshSimha
      Many of the cities that Mahmud destroyed never recovered their original glory, but they continue to exist. Each of these cities..….
  • Temple, then and now
    • Manmohan Vaidya
      The Somnath temple was reconstructed despite opposition in the past....….
  • Lance Naik Nazir Ahmed Wani: A courageous soldier
    • Jaibans Singh
      Lance Naik Nazir Ahmed Wani, an ethnic Kashmiri serving the Indian Army, attained martyrdom on November 25, 2018 while engaged in a counter terrorist operation at the Kapran Batagund....….
  • Fighting All Odds to Be In The Hindu Fold
    • Swati Goel Sharma
      Converting to, or returning to Hinduism, is an exercise fraught with risks in India. And yet, there are many and more, who, while preferring to remain anonymous, are resolute on making this journey....….

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