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February Month Article

  • Muzaffarabad-1947
    • Pt. Bishambar Nath Sapru
      Bishember Nath Sapru was born in 1917 at Srinagar (Kashmir) to Sh. Govind Ram Sapru and Smt. Umaravati Sapru..…..
  • The fall of the faux elites
    • Nandini
      From Kubrick’s Illuminati symbolism -the phrase is a calling card among secret societies, meaning – my eyes are shut to your misdeeds, brother..…..
  • Banaras, Five Years On
    • Karan Bhasin
      Kashi is a remarkable development model that is being built on the pillars of regional and spiritual tourism with a focus on trade....…..
  • Pulwama: Lest we forget
    • Devanshu Rajput
      The country was jolted on the day of 14th of February when a Pakistan backed JeM terrorist rammed an SUV laden.…..
  • Swachh Nigeria
    • Suleiman H Adamu
      Swachh Bharat Mission is an inspiring model for eradicating open defecation…..
  • The Southern Jihad
    • Aravindan Neelakandan
      The night watchman said that they were three youths in their twenties. He said they calmly walked around.…..
  • His Last Will and Testament
    • Gandhi
      This constitution was drafted by Gandhiji for the Congress on the eve of his assassination. His intention was to show how the Congress which was till now mainly…..
  • The All-New Great Game
    • C Christine Fair
      Piles of second-hand motorcycles headed to the bowels of Afghanistan, serpentine queues of brightly painted trucks, petrol-filled jerrycans piled up by the roadside…..
  • The Christian Devils
    • Indian Expose
      The team of GoaChronicle.com and IndianExpose.com through its research arm ProtectCore have conducted a study over the last 3 months.…..
  • Virtue Signalling and the right wing
    • Ashok Chowgule
      Often some people on the right wing engage in virtue signalling by using equivalence in talking about some events or ideas.…..

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