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October Month Article

  • Debunking Myths of Article 370 & Kashmir
    • Aarti Tikoo Singh
      The lecture ‘Kashmir-The State & The Status, Manthan Samvaad 2019’ by Srinath Raghavan on Article 370 is not only intellectually dishonest but also a very selective reading of history.…..
  • Why Modi Won
    • B S Raghavan
      'Modi's advent has made the mass of Indians realise that there was absolutely nothing wrong or objectionable in proclaiming nationalism.…..
  • Why Are Kashmir OpEds Silent on Facts?
    • Rahul Pandit
      The latest authors to jump on the opinion bandwagon against India’s handling of Kashmir took the form of an OpEd on the Howdy Modi event in Houston…..
  • ‘A rapidly spreading crisis’
    • Rebecca Davis
      A 12-year-old student in Melbourne was verbally abused, physically assaulted and forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim boy – all because he is Jewish...…...
  • 11,000 trucks carried apples from Kashmir to outside
    • Fayaz Bukhari
      Around 11, 000 trucks carrying one crore boxes of apple have been sent to outside markets by the traders in Kashmir which is around 40 percent less than normal for this time of the year...…...
  • Seema Sirohi Tweet
    • Seema Sirohi
      Think tank tour of @DrSJaishankar extremely important. Here are some points made by him at the @AtlanticCouncil this morning..…...
  • Human rights graveyard
    • Sandhya Jain
      Gulalai Ismail, activist for women’s empowerment and Pashtun human rights, escaped to the United States in September…...

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