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December Month Article

  • The Misery Behind the Mirth
    • Mary Suresh Iyer
      In many ways, this happens to be the hardest time of the year for me. The best of family times with my folks have been spent during this “festive” time…...
  • CAA protests: Appearance and reality
    • Punarvasu Parekh
      Let me state my conclusion at the outset. The recent changes in the citizenship law enjoy tremendous support among the ordinary law abiding citizens of the country…...
  • Historical promises
    • Sandhya Jain
      The demonstrations in several cities since the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act are clearly planned and highly coordinated…...
  • Attack on Fadnavis or oneself?
    • Ramesh Patange
      Targeting a leader like Fadnavis clearly means inviting trouble upon oneself due to one's action and endangering one’s political career. …...
  • On reverence
    • Indu Viswanathan
      As you read this, I ask that you not seek technical flaws or counterarguments. This isn’t an intellectual argument. It is an offering, coming from a sensibility, a love, for all of you.…...
  • Analysing some of the members of the USCIRF
    • Mayur Didolkar
      Gary L Bauer- Former president of Family Research Counil and Senior VP of Focus on the Family an organization whose proclaimed mission is to "promoting biblical truth worldwide…...
  • BJP's ideological leaps
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      Led by Amit Shah, Modi's second innings has acquired a searing pace…...
  • Genuine concerns
    • Sandhya Jain
      Controversy over the CAB is focussed on the issues of Bengali Hindus excluded from NRC but the process also eliminates other citizens who have lived in the State for decades…...
  • The TEMPLE Beyond the Ram Temple
    • Krishan Tyag
      After almost five hundred years of its demolition by a Mughal invader and seventy two years of India’s independence…...
    • Casi Raja Pundit
      Casi Raja Pundit, a mutasaddi or secretary in the service of Suja-ud-daula, Vazir of Oudh, was present at the third battle of Panipat…...
  • Ekal’s One Teacher Revolution
    • Vijay Maroo
      As Ekal Vidyalaya, the informal rural and tribal school system that strives to take education to the last child in the remotest village and hamlet…...
  • FATAH: Lessons from London Bridge
    • Tarek Fatah
      By now most of the world knows of Usman Khan, the man who stabbed 25-year-old Jack Merritt and 23-year-old Saskia…...

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