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Understanding Shaheen Bagh

Author: J. Bhattacharjee
Publication: Hindu Vivek Kendra
Date: February 24, 2020
URL:   http://www.hvk.org/2020/0220/55.html

From my interactions in twitter during past two months, I am sure that Anti-CAA Islamist protesters of India know well that CAA has nothing to do with them. They are actually fighting for the citizenship of Muslim infiltrators from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The attack is being made behind the façade of Democracy, Secularism and Constitution.

One must understand the psyche of an Islamist from the perspective of Islam. Islam teaches him that Muslims from anywhere in the world is his brother and is to be helped and supported. But a non-Muslim living even next door is a Kafir to be hated, converted, made Dhimmi or killed.

This had given birth to the concept of Ummah (Muslim world) in Islam. Muslims in general and Islamists in particular, must have first allegiance to this Ummah. This is more applicable if Muslims are living in a non-Muslim or secular country like India. Thus the allegiance of Indian Islamists is extra-national.

This extra-national allegiance is ingrained in the brain of Indian Islamists. This was justified and further strengthened in them by our ‘unwanted Bapu’ M K Gandhi between 1919 and 1924. During Khilafat Movement, Gandhi not only supported the Indian Muslims’ allegiance towards Ottoman Khalifa of Turkey, but also force fed Indian Hindus to accept and support the extra-national allegiance of Muslims.

In 1946 election of British India, 95% Muslims of present-day India voted for Pakistan. But after partition in 1947, most of them (98.5% of them) stayed back in India. And they overnight became secular Congress followers. Present generation of Indian Islamists say that their grandfathers stayed in India ‘by choice’. What a f***ing meaning of Islamic ‘by choice’! A strong doubt about their allegiance towards India was expressed by Sardar Patel as far back as on 3 January 1948 in Kolkata.

So, Shaheen Bagh is an agitation for Ummah. In other words, it is another Khilafat Movement in the name of ‘Shaheen Bagh’ which has come back to hsunt India after a century. This is also the ‘application’ of Political Islam in India. Prime Minister Modi has referred to this as “Proyag” (application). Naseeruddin Shah has addressed Shaheen Bagh recently and urged the crowd to be fearless and fight for their ‘rights’ which is the ‘right for more Islamic pound of flesh from India’.

The Political Islam in Shaheen Bagh has been crying for ‘Azadi’ from Hindu India. This is clear in Islamic slogans like “Hindu o se azadi”, “Jinnah-wali azadi”, “Tera mera rista kya, La Ilaha Illallah” and “Hindu o ke kabar khudenge”. Rana Ayyub, the India Jihadi journo, has cautioned that they should not be taught about the language they use. She meant that being uncouth, anti-national and divisive are their prerogatives.

Shaheen Bagh is not a mere anti-CAA agitation. It is far more dangerous and is a far more wide spread Islamic agitation in India. Sharjeel Imam and PFI funding have proved this. The reasons for full support to Shaheen Bagh by Communists, Congress and other so called regional secular parties are too obvious.

Indian Communists of all shades have no political relevance in present-day India. They have nuisance value only. They use their nuisance value for Islamic causes like Shaheen Bagh to create disruption in the country. They are parasites.
Congress has been reduced to a small regional force in some parts of India. BJP has ousted Congress from its centuries old pinnacle of power. Congress is a dying party. Its only objective is to create trouble for BJP in the question of internal and external security of India with the hope to regain power.

Muslim vote bank is the lifeline of all so called regional secular parties like AAP, SP, BSP, RJD and TMC. So, they are under obligation to support Islamic causes in India irrespective of national interest. The pampered Islamists thus demand that India should be ruled by their Jihadi crowd in Shaheen Bagh.

So long as Hindus of India do not openly unite against Islamism, Shaheen Bagh and its Jihadi activities will continue in some form or the other by befooling liberal Hindus with words like Democracy, Secularism and Constitution.

Wake up Hindus!

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