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The main issue that Muslims are afraid of is NPR.

Author: Ami Nath
Publication: Facebook.com
Date:  February 25, 2020
URL:      https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=183472549653221&id=100039714306740

The main issue that Muslims are afraid of is NPR. And that's because of this -

 1) The actual population of Muslims and Christians is much more than estimated by the last census carried out in 2011. And aligning NPR with the next one slated for 2021 is something that they desperately want to avoid.

 2) Lot of Minority benefits that they get is not provided for in the Constitution and those are likely to stop once NPR nos. are frozen and PIL's filed in SC. The days of surreptious give aways to buy their muscle power would be gone.

 3) NPR would mean establishment of a family tag which will clearly define BPL there by enabling the govt to stop MNREGA type doles causing loss of payout of thousands to the Muslims. How ? An average Muslim family has 6 members who are eligible for min 100 days employment scheme which fetches Rs.4,000/- p.m. So that means Rs.24,000/- p.m. per Muslim family for doing zilch and funded by the taxpayer. Whereas the current definition of BPL family is an income of Rs.15,000 p.m. i.e for the full family. Now there is no way or it is very difficult to identify/define a family whether by Aadhaar card or any other mechanism and that is where the govt is losing thousands of crores on unnecessary subsidy and especially on these vermins. NPR will act as the connector for family based on the address & the relationship between the residents at a particular address. And these would be based on biometrics preventing duplication in identities for fleecing the exchequer through fraud. And that is why these free loading bastards are so much against NPR. If NPR comes through, they would be forced to work for a living.

 4) Lot of illegal B'deshis would be identified and deported leading to a slowing down of their Ghazwa E Hind designs.

 5) Based on NPR, enforcement of UCC will become very easy which would lead to marginalisation of the Deobandi Mullah influence.

 6) NPR would help in implementation of Population Control Bill. So Ghazwa E hind will suffer a set back.

 7) Lot of Muslim businesses are illegal. NPR / PAN linking will provide clues to tax evasion by these scumbags. Money trail would be clearly established. Muslims / Marwaris were the ones who suffered most from demonetization. So forcing these swines to pay tax to GOI will result in no informal zakat being paid for financing hawala and terror financing.

 8) Lot of NGO's which carry out conversion clandestinely will cease to exist once NPR comes in or will get severely regulated.

 9) Because of all of the above, Congress / Leftists and other Breaking India Forces will lose their foot soldiers as they would be forced to earn a living.

 And what is required to achieve the above ? Unity amongst Hindus such that dharmic forces have 75% of the voting power combining the LS & RS.

 Jai Hind

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