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Author: Ashwin Sampatkumaran @Ashwinsampathk
Publication: Threar Reader App
Date:  February 26, 2020
URL:      https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1232605659788533761.html

On the eastern entrance of the Srirangam temple, there stands a white tower, popularly known as the Vellayi Gopuram.the tower has been named after a Devadasi called Vellayi who had sacrificed her life to protect the deity of the temple from the Sultanate forces who had(1/3)

invaded the temple.Fearing that the forces would capture the idol, Vellayi, performed a dance before the sultan's commander thus gaining time for devotees to escape with thedeity.Her dance lasted for hours together and finally she took the commander to the eastern gopuram (2/3)

attempting to seduce him and pushed him down. After killing him, Vellayi jumped to her death from the tower chanting the name of Ranganatha.Hailing Vellayi's sacrifice, the chief of Vijayanagara forces, Kempanna, who drove away the Sultanate forces, named the tower after her(3/3)
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