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March Month Article

  • Politics in Corona exodus
    • Sandhya Jain
      The reverse migration of daily wagers has made a mockery of the Prime Minister’s call for a 21-day lockdown. What prompted this humanitarian crisis?…..
  • Kerala man was among Kabul gurdwara attackers
    • Vijaita Singh
      A man from Kasaragod in Kerala is said to be one of the three terrorists who stormed a gurdwara in Kabul on March 25 and killed around 25 Sikh worshippers, a senior government official told The Hindu..…..
  • Resting in ruins
    • M T Saju
      A place of rest or a symbol of an era — chatrams (choultry) — were closely linked to the cultural and social fabric of Thanjavur......…
  • A Brahminical interlude in Kerala
    • Anu Kuruvilla
      A 200-year-old home beside an ancient river in Kerala is a cultural pit stop for cruise travellers who will enjoy the sattvic side of an ancient culture........…
  • A Made-in-China Pandemic
    • Brahma Chellaney
      The COVID-19 pandemic should be a wake-up call for a world that has accepted China’s lengthening shadow over global supply chains for far too long........…
  • Antipathy and Indiaphobia (Part II)
    • Ashok Chowgule
      Hey Indian & international media: when you're amplifying these dudes on their own trip rather than the advice of govts & healthcare professionals....…
  • Left is right in Uttar Pradesh Congress?
    • Subhash Mishra
      As Congress desperately tries to save its government in Madhya Pradesh, its cadre is facing a different kind of crisis in Uttar Pradesh....…
  • China’s tainted corona
    • Claude Arpi
      The sudden apparition of Coronavirus on the world stage was unexpected for Chinese watchers.......…
  • Angellica Aribam Tweet
    • Angellica Aribam
      I thought of ignoring this but since everyone seems to be interested in @LicypriyaK, let me indulge you.......…
  • How John Dayal helps break India
    • Anirban Ganguly
      Dr. Anirban Ganguly’s analysis of how Sonia Gandhi’s aide, John Dayal testified against India before a US body that meddles in India’s internal affairs.......…
  • Delhi Riots: 1947 Amritsar Riots Re-Run
    • Sanjay Dixit
      A lot of discussion has taken place on the Delhi Riots of 24/25 February 2020. Many people have likened it to the Great Calcutta Killings starting 16th August 1946.......…
  • Harsh Gupta Tweet
    • Harsh Gupta
      Who is funding Harsh Mander? On whose behalf is he telling Indians to overturn parliament and judiciary “on the streets”? Shame on him.....…
  • Soumyadipta Tweet
    • Soumyadipta
      Years ago, my friend and I collaborated to write an investigative article on Wikipedia....…
  • Reformer par excellence
    • Sandhya Jain
      When Vinayak Damodar Savarkar passed away on February 26, 1966, at the ripe age of 82, despite health wracked by the dehumanizing conditions in Cellular Jail…..
  • Swati Goel Sharma Tweet
    • Swati Goel Sharma
      The newspaper I subscribe to, The Times of India, has been extremely one-sided in its coverage of Delhi violence.…..
  • Janmajit Shankar Sinha Tweet
    • Janmajit Shankar Sinha
      In 2000, during the visit of US President Bill Clinton - 40 Sikhs were killed in Chittisingpura Massacre to show unrest in Kashmir.…..

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