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May Month Article

  • Harpreet Tweet
    • Harpreet
      Folks, sharing some thoughts on the recently foiled terror attack in Pulwama.........
  • The Hindu legacy of Vietnam
    • Hema Saran
      Indianized kingdoms, which flourished in the SE Asia centuries back, have left a lasting Hindu legacy in the present day countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia.........
  • Anshul Saxena Tweet
    • Anshul Saxena
      When Ramayan was telecasted on Doordarshan, many anti Hindu Instagram accounts were created which posted abusive & sexual content about Hindu deities...........
  • Remembering Vidia
    • Avatans Kumar
      Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was born on August 17, 1932.  Affectionately known as ‘Vidia’, Naipaul’s grandfather was an indentured laborer from India............
  • Francis Xavier
    • Mr. V. Sundaram
      St. Francis Xavier landed in Goa on 6 May 1542, with a resolve of ‘uprooting paganism’ from the soil of India and planting Christianity in its place..........
  • Ashwin Tweet
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      This video will be the eye opener for those who doubt the existence of #RamMandir In Ayodhya.......
  • Decoding Adivasi Ekta Parishad
    • Fravia
      One similarity in the Modus operandi of the left groups and Church is the web of front organisations they build in order to camouflage their identity and agenda.......
  • Soumyadipta Tweet
    • Soumyadipta
      A friend works in a Left portal. She told me, there's panic at her office. The money has dried up from sponsors and there's no substantial public donations........
  • Ease of Doing Business
    • Ashok Chowgule
      Ease of doing business is a powerful concept to help the entrepreneur to set up a business, and, if the business is successful......
  • India is no country for Islamophobia
    • Kanwal Sibal
      Without being secular themselves, Muslim leaders in the country constantly take shelter behind the secular Indian constitution to disgorge their communal bile......
  • True Indology Tweet
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      This week, "Atheist" Javed Akhtar @Javedakhtarjadu appeared on national TV.......
  • Chakmas and Hajongs face starvation
    • Suhas Chakma
      Arunachal Pradesh’s Chakma and Hajong tribes are suffering massive hunger and starvation as they have been excluded from the “economic package for vulnerable sections”.......

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