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Nations who have done agreement with Bharat for Vaccination

Author: Rayana Chatterjee
Publication: Facebook.com
Date: January 13, 2021
URL:    https://m.facebook.com/100000637353083/posts/4106483402716198/?sfnsn=wiwspwa

1. Myanmar - 30 million doses
2. Bangladesh - 30 million doses
3. South Africa - 1.5 million doses
4. Brazil - 12 million doses
5. Nepal - 5 million doses
6. Sri Lanka - 2 million doses

Apart from this, 6 more countries asked Bharat for vaccine, On the other hand 6 major nations of Europe including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium asked for 400 million doses from Astra Zeneca which indirectly buys from Bharat only.

Serum Institute which is Worlds Largest Vaccine Manufacturer will sell first 100 million doses to Central Government for 2.74 USD per dose but after that it will sell for 14 USD per dose and this price is for Bharat only. For other nations, Price will be different and So Just calculate the Economy here and See How Bharat will stand tall for curing the whole world.

This makes me emotional as Bharat is all set to vaccinate billions across World within year. Very Very Proud Moment for Bharat. Thank you each and everyone who makes it possible under leadership of PM Narendra Modi


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