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March Month Article

  • Movie Mango @Go_Movie_Mango
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      So on this #WorldWaterDay, lets talk about how @narendramodi would always loved by residents of western Gujarat.......…
  • Anju Seth IIMC director resigns
    • Kala Vijayraghavan
      "During my tenure as Director of IIM-C, I have become aware of numerous legacy issues related to lack of transparency or accountability.......….
  • What helped Uttar Pradesh contain Covid-19
    • The Times of India
      Almost a year into Covid-19 pandemic, UP can count over six lakh patients, but a 98.2% recovery rate and less than 1.4% death rate helped the state outshine others.........…..
  • RajiAiyer @RajeAiyer
    • Raji Aiyer
      Tandoor - Atrocities of Muzzies unleashed on #Sikhs & #Hindus during partition.......…..
  • iMac_too @iMac_too
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      Leading "public intellectual" is worried that socio-political faultlines (caste, creed, language) have blurred & people (read Hindus)......…..
  • Arzan Tarapore @arzandc
    • Arzan Tarapore
      A famous @TIME cover story in 1989 declared India was "determinedly transforming itself into a regional superpower..…..
  • In defence of rooted Indian nationalism
    • Abhinav Prakash Singh
      Indian nationalism does not seek to conquer or colonise other countries. Instead, it supported national struggles in other countries under imperialist rule, emphasising sovereignty and democracy..…..

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