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Large scale anti-Hindu riots in Chhabra, Rajasthan. National Media ignores it just like the Bhainsa riot

Publication: Tfipost.com
Date: April 13, 2021
URL:   https://tfipost.com/2021/04/large-scale-anti-hindu-riots-in-chhabra-rajasthan-national-media-ignores-it-just-like-the-bhainsa-riot/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&s=03

Barely a month after Bhainsa riots in Telangana were swept under the rug by the national media — the anti-Hindu riot in Chhabra, Rajasthan is being meted the same treatment. As per a report by the Hindu, the chain of events started on April 10 when Kamal Gurjar (32) and Rakesh Dhakad (21) were stabbed by three Muslim youths named Fareed, Aabid and Sameer whilst buying fruits at Dharnawada circle in the Baran district. The shopkeepers at the scene intervened to stop them. Rakesh Nagar, one of the shopkeepers who had intervened and Kamal were injured in the incident and were later admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The incident quickly took shape of a communal riot, the next day (April 11) when the Muslim community came to know that police had arrested the accused upon the insistence of the Hindu community. It is being reported that both communities came face to face at the Dharnavada intersection and started stone pelting at each other leading to a stampede in the market.

According to a report by Bhaskar, 79 shops have been affected in the area with a few torched while others were robbed and ransacked. Around 12 police personnel also got injured while trying to control the violence in Chhabra. “The situation is very tense. Violence by the mobs has been continuing and we are trying to control the situation,” Superintendent of Police (Baran) Vineet Bansal was quoted as saying immediately after the violence erupted.

So far, the Police has registered over six FIRs connected to Sunday violence in Chhabra and has imposed curfew while clamping down on the internet services. Till the reports came in last, the internet services were still suspended but were expected to be restored by 4 PM in the evening.
ZEE Rajasthan @zeerajasthan_

बारां के छबड़ा में रविवार को हुए दंगे के बाद आज माहौल शांत है, कस्बे में कर्फ्यू जारी है, पुलिस कस्बे में अभी भी गश्त कर रही है, वहीं बारां जिले में इंटरनेट सेवा पर आज भी पाबंदी जारी है
@mehta5_ram @BaranPolice

Apr 13, 2021

BJP leader Vijay Singh Bainsla and a prominent Gurjar face of the party reached ground zero in Chhabra on Monday and took cognisance of the issue.

“As per protocol late last night, stopped at the Kawai police station and took a review of the situation from the local public and MLA Shri Pratap Singh Singhvi and later entered #Chabra at around 10.30 pm and met with Collector, SP, Additional sir and had a detailed discussion” tweeted the BJP leader.
Vijay Bainsla | विजय बैंसला  @VijaySBainsla

कल देर रात को प्रोटोकॉल के हिसाब से पहले कवाई थाने रुक कर स्थानीय लोगों व विधायकजी श्री प्रताप सिंह सिंघवी जी से स्थिति का जायज़ा लिया तत्पश्चात करीब रात 10.30 बजे #छबड़ा में प्रवेश किया व देर रात तक कलेक्टर महोदय , SP साहब , एडिशनल साहब व अन्य अधिकारियों से विस्तृत बात हुई।

Apr 13, 2021

As reported by TFI, just the way a blissfully unaware liberal media of the country had refused to extensively cover the Bhainsa riots where Hindus were targeted, a similar script is unfolding in Chhabra. Just because the narrative does not suit the agenda of the media, any incident where Hindus are targeted is not considered worthy of having any air-time slot or a place on the front page of the newspapers.


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