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Majnu Ka Tila: Kejriwal govt abandons destitute Pakistani Hindu refugee, ‘Seva Bharati’ provides helping hand

Author: Ravi Agrahari
Publication: OpIndia.com
Date: April 15, 2021
URL:   https://www.opindia.com/2021/04/majnu-ka-tila-delhi-pakistani-hindu-refugees-rss-seva-bharati-provides-helping-hand/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&s   

Everyone around is facing the heat of Wuhan coronavirus. In such a situation, OpIndia visited Majnu Ka Tila to find out how Pakistani Hindu Refugees are managing in this tough time and what problems are they facing. We tried to find out if someone helped them out in a time of crisis and how they are managing their lives, especially in Delhi under the terrible time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There were reports that some organisations and individuals have been trying to use the plight of the refugees to their own benefit. They visit with some minimal rations, click photographs and leave without bothering about the actual problems these refugees are facing.

However, there are some organisations that have been standing resolute with these families in their time of need. During the conversation with OpIndia, the refugee families discussed their problems, struggles, challenges and how they have been facing them.

Seva Bharti extended a helping hand during Covid

There are 150 families living in the refugee camp. Most of them are living in tough conditions, and their helplessness was visible in the way they were trying to survive. OpIndia spoke to Dharamveer Solanki, head of the refugee camp. He shifted to India in 2013 along with his family on the pretext of pilgrimage to India from Pakistan. He said the pandemic is testing their will to a large extend. However, the people from RSS and Seva Bharti helped them from the beginning and continued to provide support even during the pandemic.

When he shifted from Pakistan and got his papers from the government, the struggle begun from the very first day, he started working as labour, hoping that he would become an Indian citizen someday. When CAA was announced, he was happy, but due to pandemic, it has been postponed as well. He added that due to Covid-19, people are not ready to give them work that has increased their problems.

RSS and Seva Bharati are providing a helping hand for the Gaushala as well. RSS activists often come and help them continuously, the refugee families told. When we asked if the Kejriwal government provided any help, he said that no one from his government visited before the pandemic; how can they expect Kejriwal to take heed during the pandemic. He said some people from the Kejriwal government visited Majnu Ka Tila around 5-6 years ago, but since then, no one has visited them.

Seva Bharti provides help for the ill

He further added that Seva Bharti and RSS people come to serve them as soon as they come to know that someone is ill. They bring vehicles and take the patient to the hospital to get the treatment done. They provided fodder for the cows worth Rs.50,000. A lot of masks, medicines and ration have been distributed here by the people of RSS and Seva Bharti.
When OpIndia talked to Sona Das, another refugee in the camp, he told how people from RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad often visit to help them. They arrange work for them by setting up shops, and during Covid time, it was them who helped instead of the government.

He said the people of RSS and its service wing Seva Bharti are engaged in ‘seva’ selflessly. When OpIndia was reporting from there, an RSS worker visited with cattle fodder for Gaushala. When we asked him to talk on camera, he said his work is to provide ‘Seva’s, and if we want a statement, we should talk to Seva Bharti in charge of the region.

RSS and Seva Bharti’s other ventures during Covid

Seva Bharti and RSS have helped not only Hindu refugees but everyone in need during the pandemic. Around 250 people of 50 families belonging to the Zomi Church in Hastasal Nagar, West Delhi, were facing difficulty in arranging ration and food items. Most of these families are from North-East, especially from Mizoram. When Seva Bharti came to know about it, they provided ration and other daily essentials.

RSS also announced monetary help for Corona warriors, including cleaners, health workers and journalists, for doing their duty in such adverse conditions. The organizations had said that if any non-government sweeper, health worker (contracted) or journalist is facing a difficult time due to Covid-19, they will provide help.

They provided support to those who were stranded on bus stations or railway stations. They also provided ration to 986 women living in Redlight area of Delhi. Care was given to those who were on the streets and often failed to get help from the government.

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