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Author: Rakesh Thiyyan
Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date:   April 27, 2021
URL:   https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1387208035496448001.html?s=03

Modi's leadership during Covid
By Kalavai Venkat

1. One of the most unfair criticism heard is that PM Modi was asleep at the wheel when the second wave of Covid struck us. The solution offered is that he should've paid sky high prices to acquire American vaccines.

2. PM Modi led the fight against Covid from the front. He towers above every world leader for simply negotiating the price per vaccine to INR 160. This is a crowning achievement as it made Indians safer against the virus without destroying the economy (and lives for decades).

3. No other world leader, including the POTUS or European leaders could drive such a bargain.

4. India was on way to vaccinate all with indigenous vaccines. By now, every senior citizen would've been vaccinated had America not blocked the export of raw materials to India. Current deaths are entirely America's responsibility. Either have courage to condemn US or shut up.
5. It takes extreme cruelty to say that PM Modi should satiate the greed of free market predators who want to loot $1.5 trillion and lay waste to the Indian economy (and the lives of the next few generations of Indians).


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