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Liberals and Congress supporters fantasize about sending Hindus to Nazi like camps once Modi is no longer PM, justify using rape as political tool

Author: K Bhattacharjee
Publication: Opindia.com
Date: October 23, 2021
URL:       https://www.opindia.com/2021/10/congress-supporters-fantasize-about-sending-hindus-to-nazi-like-camps-rape-political-tool-sanghis/

Another user, quoting the tweet, said that he won't mind "locking up Sanghis in camps" and "brainwashing them with doses of belt treatment".

Liberals and Congress supporters on social media are fantasizing about sending Hindus to concentration camps when Narendra Modi steps down as the Prime Minister of the country. While they are being clever enough to mask their language in jargon to avoid being banned by Twitter, they are not making any effort to hide their true intentions.

All of it started after one user suggested that “India will need ‘reeducation camps’ when all this ends.” While the user, with the username @Maganlal1303, did not elaborate what “this” was in the tweet, the replies and comments to it make it abundantly clear.

Another user, quoting the tweet, said that he won’t mind “locking up Sanghis in camps” and “brainwashing them with doses of belt treatment”. The user, with username @NavrovaKunjarova, went on to assert that “these people” do not “deserve their ideas to be constitutionally protected”.

He did not stop there and went on to assert that what Mamata Banerjee is doing in West Bengal “will need to be scaled up manifolds”. Political violence against BJP workers and leaders has been rife in West Bengal in the aftermath of TMC’s victory in the assembly elections. The user was clearly hinting at that.


Maganlal himself admitted that he meant concentration camps for torture as well but could not state as much explicitly. He also said that he would prefer the “ones in Assam” to be at the receiving end of it.

Thus, it is abundantly clear that when the user spoke about ‘reeducation camps’, he is actually referring to concentration camps. In that regard, it is of note that China also refers to Uyghur concentration camps as ‘reeducation camps’.


Maganlal also appears to be a supporter of senior Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. When another person quoted his tweet saying that India needed a Lincoln-type figure, Maganlal responded with a gif of Priyanka Gandhi.


Maganlal also relied on false claims of pregnant Muslim women being raped during the Gujarat riots to assert that “Sanghis aren’t human beings” and should be “subjected to worse”. He also did not deny that his comrade Navrova was justifying the use of rape as a political tool.


‘Sanghi’ here is a not-so-subtle euphemism for Hindus. They are fully aware that using the word ‘Hindu’ could get them into trouble. Therefore, they give voice to their unbridled hate and morbid bigotry by using ‘Sanghis’ in place of Hindus.

‘Liberals’ have normalised hatred against ‘Sanghis’ to such an extent that people in their ranks feel entirely comfortable with demonizing them and wishing violence upon them. The manner in which using rape as a political tool was justified demonstrates the extent to which the radicalization problem among Indians liberals has peaked.

This was further confirmed by one user who quote-tweeted Maganlal’s tweet who advocated a ‘Soviet-style atheization’ of Hindus. It is pertinent to note here that Soviet Communists committed wholesale genocides of entire populations for their Communist ideology.

This is, of course, not the first time that we have witnessed such unbridled hatred. During the Covid-19 pandemic, liberals were having an intense debate regarding whether they would help ‘Sanghis’ amidst rising cases.

‘Sanghis’ here are all Indians who exercised their democratic right to vote and voted for the BJP. Justifying their reasoning to not help ‘Sanghis’ combat Covid-19, liberals said that ‘Sanghis’ had voted for the Ram Mandir and not hospitals, and therefore, they are not deserving of their help.

Others also advocated robbing the funds of the Ram Mandir Trust to fund Covid-19 relief measures, although funds were not a problem in combating the pandemic. Earlier, liberals have also asserted that wishing death upon Narendra Modi and his ‘sanghi lovers’ is a perfectly ethical response. Some even said that death is too kind and wished for “eternal pain” and “suffering”.

Quite clearly, when they say ‘Sanghi’, they mean any Hindu who is politically assertive about Hindu rights and voted for Narendra Modi. That by Sanghi they mean Hindus is further confirmed by the fact that liberals always use Hinduphobic cow-urine jibes and mock Hindu Gods and Goddesses to insult ‘Sanghis’. The cow-urine jibe was also used by the Pulwama terrorist.

Furthermore, Islamists had attacked ordinary Hindus living in the Middle East to get them jailed while claiming that they were attacking ‘Sanghis’. Thus, the kind of rhetoric that has been adopted by liberals point towards the fact that there is a grave radicalization problem among their ranks, which has transformed into a genocidal hatred for Hindus.


- K Bhattacharjee - Black Coffee Enthusiast. Post Graduate in Psychology. Bengali.

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