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November Month Article

  • The Shame of being Barkha Dutt
    • Adityasthoughts.blogspot.com
      I liked Barkha Dutt. I thought she was a good journalist. That is until recently. When terrorists stuck Mumbai I stayed glued to TV to find out how we are fighting back............
  • News Arena @NewsArenaIndia
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      Mukesh Jadhav : A 23 year old Home Guard earning mere ₹90 per day. He was posted at CST. When Kasab & gang came he guided many passengers to safety...........…
  • Decoding Scrapping of Farm Laws
    • Sanjeev Nayyar
      Given the traction 3 Farm laws have got sharing 8 observations  for e.g. role of SC, Protest is political, Regulating NRI ownership of land, National Market, Chinese attack...........…
  • The Covid lab leak theory just got even stronger
    • Matt Ridley
      Two years in, there is no doubt the Covid pandemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But there is also little doubt that the bat carrying the progenitor of the virus lived somewhere else..........…
  • DIWALI in New Jersey, USA
    • Priya Kumari 
      An enlightening personal experience of how an Indian Family celebrated Diwali in New Jersey.........…
  • Shalini Singh Sengar @Maverickmusafir
    • Shalini Singh Sengar
      In the picture, soldiers of 13 Kumaon days before the Battle of Rezang La, a rare example in the annals of world military history........…
    • The New York Times
      Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru declared today that Portugal had created a situation in her possessions on the Indian west coast that was becoming increasing "intolerable" to India......…..
  • Eztainutlacatl @cbkwgl
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      It is said that a person from Nizam's delegation to UN warned Patel and told him to complete the conquest before they present their case in UN - which Patel did..…..

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