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Tattvam Asi (तत्त्वम् असि!) @Brahamvakya

Author: Tattvam Asi
Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date: January 1, 2021
URL:       https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1477267806727163909.html?s=03

The so called patriots from Bollywood have lot to answer actually for the sins of their father, grandfather or great grandfathers.

We can start with Kaifi azmi, father of Shabana Azmi. He wrote poems celebrating the creation of Pakistan.

#Naseer #ShabanaAzmi

Kaifi Azmi was a proponent of partition and wrote a poem just before Partition " अगली ईद पाकिस्तान में" (Next Eid in Pakistan). What a pity, went and came back within few days. Stayed here and now his children give us gyan on how much their parents loved india, didn't go

IPTA (Indian People's Theatre Association) was & remains the cultural front of Communist Party . Check Shabana Azmi and she is an active proponent of IPTA. It was under the communist ideology that Writers like Kaifi and even Shahir Ludhianvi supported created of pakistan..

Shahir in fact lived in Pakistan for about 6-7 months and pleaded with Indian govt to allow him back and lived here. Though people like Kaifi, Shahir and Naser's father (another muslim league member) were writing poems and giving speeches in favour of 'New Medina'

Javed Akhtar's Great grandfather Maulana Fazle Haq Khairabadi, gave a Fatwa to capture and bring down Hanuman gari temple in 1855.. British actually saved the temple.


Khairabadi instigated others to die for Jihad, he himself led a lavish luxurious life and never even saw a battlefield.Muslims tried to forcibly take the temple were killed by Hindus & kharabadi issued a Jihad call against British. For which he was captured and sent to Kala pani

He kept on pleading loyalty to British post 1857 and blamed some other Khairabadi. Jaan hisar Akhtar's father (Javed's) grandfather pleaded and British relented in exchange of loyalty.

Now come to Naseeruddin Shah's family. His great grandfather Jan-Fishan Khan, supported the british in 1857, got a Jagir in Sardhana and pension of 1000. his father, Aley Mohd shah, was a Muslim league member, Behraich. UP. Voted for Pakistan , wanted to open a restaurant in Eng

Just didn't go anywhere .. stayed here and now he gives gyan to us about the deep love his family has for India. True that he is not answerable for his father but he can't invoke his father as well for staying here. Muslims of UP/Maha/TN/Kerala/Bihar voted for Pakistan..

They just didn't go. Now take another case of Majruh Sultanpuri. He too wrote poems on greatness of Pakistan and stayed put here..

Javed Akhtar's grandfather : Hindus are wretched beasts..


Very few of these scumbags including their leadership left for Pakistan.. Even those who left kept a part of family in India & few more like Raja Mahmudabad came back in old age to claim property in UP (Case ongoing). He funded Jinnah (His mama).

This case was finally settled and @narendramodi govt amended the enemy property act to save the property. Congress was all set to give them the property.


The term Ideology of Pakistan was first used in 1971 by Major General Sher Ali khan Patuadi Yahya khans information minister.

Do you know who is this Pataudi? Yes Uncle of Saif Ali Khan Patuadi.. Why did saif's grandfather stay here? Property was too huge here

Saif's great uncle Mjr Gn. Isfandyar Ali Khan Pataudi was Deputy Director of ISI. Another great great uncle Mjr Gn. Sher Ali Pataudi was Chief of General Staff in Pak army, another great uncle Shehryar Ali Patuadi was PCB chairman.

It was a well thought out stay

Idea was to infiltrate the politics and make changes conducive to pakistan and capture from within and some were simply too lazy to go..

People who wanted Pakistan, UP/ Bihar/ Maha/ TN, Kerala,MP didnt go and who didn't want Punjab and NWFP (pathans) got it.

Muslims of Hyderabad anyway thought that they will have a separate country and Nawab gave 150cr to pakistan in 1947 for helping them.. put it in a bank in London.. Owaisi's father was a Razakar.. now he gives gyan on how much he loves India

Coming to Shahrukh khan .. Nice guy no doubt but his mother was adopted by Shah Nawaz Khan an officer in INA was a Minister under Lal B Shastri during the 1965 war, while his son Mahmud was fighting for Flag of Pakistan as a commissioned Officer.

Nothing to add on Dilip kumar's love for Pakistan here. Only Salman is one who refused to campaign and appear for donations for Imran Khan's hospital saying, "I will do it only if you help my country establish a hospital.."

Imran refused and so did Salman

Baaki aadhe se jyada to kothon par tabalchi the...aaj gyan pelte hain

Syed Hossain Imam from Bihar, M. Mohd. Ismail from Madras, etc..to name a few of the host of Muslim League leaders,stayed back in India

The Raja of Mahamudabad, Begum Aizaz Rasul, Raja of Pirpur, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, etc. from U.P didn't go and their descendants give gyan here

Though they had created Pak as the homeland for the Indian Muslims..not an iota of justification for such leaders being allowed. Congress abandoned the true nationalist Muslims, the Khudai Khidmatgars led by the Frontier Gandhi in name of geo-political realities.

Thes people wanted to wub negotiate with the world power for future of Indian Muslims and also about Future of Islam.Sub continent muslims were always at the forefront of the Middle East politics during WWI crumbling of the Caliphate.The sense of loss was recognized by Churchill

Ironically, Latifi,who was one of the architects of pak and a passionate supporter of Pakistan’s creation, did not move to new country. Yes same Rampur of Azam Khan fame,launched a agitation by setting on fire Govt buildings demanding accession of the Rampur State to Pak

Hafizur Rahman (of Jamiat-ul-ulema-e-Hind) etc. at the Lucknow conference of Mussalman.i.Hind'l (Dec. 1947)..League leaders of Rampur. In 1947 they had no idea India wud grow strong as 1 nation.Nehru must be commended.1 of the motive also was to hv a Muslim head of state

and that is the reason these people smartly stayed back to undermine and conquer by having muslim PM overtime.

You know the biggest crook who wrote the manifesto of muslim league (used by Jinnah in 1945-46), ideologue of Pakistan continued to practice in Mumbai high court and never went to Pakistan..

How was he even allowed to stay in this country and practice. His contribution to Pakistan is even greater than Iqbal’s yet he never went. I did a thread on him

I keep on asking, if you were so invested in creating a homeland for Muslims in Pakistan and wrote manifesto, ideological reasons and merging it with spiritual messages of Iqbal and Jinnah quotes you, yet you don’t go but stay in land you hate and want to get rid of?

I don’t see coincidence in all this, I see a sinister motive.. As Sardar Patel said in Kolkata 1949, “till yesterday you wanted Pakistan, voted for it and now you claim to love india, how do I believe you..?”

By the way Latiffi, the ideologue of Pakistan, lived in a flat given by Khushwant Singh’s father in 50’s and then found his place. Died in Delhi, never went to Pakistan after creating it.
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