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Are we going to be ruled by the Constitution or the Shariah law?

Author: Admin
Publication: Satyablog.org
Date: June 6, 2022
URL:      http://www.satyablog.org/2022/06/06/are-we-going-to-be-ruled-by-the-constitution-or-the-shariah-law/

The immense anger over the treatment of Nupur Sharma in large sections of society is a reflection of not just what is done, but also what is not done.  Imagine a lawyer in the nation who so openly puts a large bounty and how long it took the Government to arrest him and that too only after suspending the very person he puts a bounty on.   In any respected nation they are immediately categorized as terrorists and arrested and every professional license will be cancelled.  What will be the state of affairs if such a lawyer continues to practice law?  The alt news criminal who doctored video and provoked such large scale threats is still at large and tweeting.    BJP can discipline Nupur Sharma for alleged violations of the party but as a ruling party they have the responsibility to apply the law on those who threatened her and her family. The origins of 70,000 derogatory threats Nupur Sharma received is a gold mine of information of those with criminal intent, particularly those from Bharat.   Even those outside Bharath need to be pursued and taken up with other nations and possibly initiate interpol against them.  Every one of those who gave death threats to her are terrorists.  
I challenge one Supreme Court judge to answer Nupur Sharma’s simple question, ‘are we going to be ruled by our constitution or by Shariah law’?
Is the threat against her imaginary?  To this day the killers of Kamlesh Tripathi or those who perpetrated brutal crimes in Delhi riots, or those who cut off hands and legs in the name of Shariah are not given death sentence while Supreme Court commutes death sentence of someone who raped and killed a 4 year old girl.  Will any of those judges hire that person in their own home for any job or least have such a person as their neighbor?    Akbaruddin Owaisi who said ‘give me 24 hours and 20 crores Muslims will decimate 100 crore Hindus’ is roaming free just as those who brutally killed Kashmiri Hindus for the last 31 years while the same spineless judiciary takes on with full show of strength on Sansad.   We have a judiciary that wakes up in the middle of the night to serve certain interests but stands by when it comes to protecting the fundamental rights of its citizens.  Today Kapil Sibal has more say on the Supreme Court than the Parliament elected by 1.5 billion people while the ‘self appointing’ judges are busy protecting themselves and making hay during their short tenure in Supreme court. These corrupt judges will not even acknowledge the large amount of illegal missionary conversions going on across the nation.  I challenge one Supreme Court judge to answer Nupur Sharma’s simple question, ‘are we going to be ruled by our constitution or by Shariah law’?
What kind of nation are we creating where someone can issue a fatwa and go around freely?  Who should be paying for all the security needed caused by these threats?   What kind of nation where there is such large scale love Jihad going on but we are still debating the issue or even acknowledge this at national level?  What kind of nation where literally enormous violence is used to win elections with complete murder of democracy in West Bengal while the administration sees no reason for President’s rule and judges recuse themselves? What kind of nation where all it takes is threats from Western globalist media that we are scared to implement the laws such as CAA passed by the Parliament elected by 1.5 billion people?    What kind of nation we hope to create every day young Muslim boys are taught to kill the kafirs and just rest of the civilization is sitting duck for demography changes to occur?  What kind of  nation will create if one simple post is enough to cut a throat or behead while the larger community has to bear day after day the insults?   What kind of nation are we creating when the media removes a completely rational interview where Nupur Sharma spoke , while such an action is actually adding fuel to those who are threatening based on lies and doctored videos out of context? What are we teaching young girls who wants to stand in politics?  What kind of nation are we creating where Governments can simply steal Hindu devotees funds with no accountability, worse in activities such as conversions to destroy this civilization?  Which nation has the majority so badly discriminated against them in their own country?   What kind of banana republic has this nation become?
Let us learn from France, even small nations like Myanmar, from Vietnam and the Islamic nations themselves.   Do we see any murderous mob going and destroying things and brutally murdering people in any Middle Eastern Islamic country?  Do you see them doing this in any Western nation?  How long did it take to completely decimate a 350 year old prosperous Vijayanagara empire?  Less than six months.    We cannot brush aside civilizational issues while pursuing economic interests going from one election to another.   Even economically, if there can be a brutal murderous mob after every friday evening, what is stopping them to utterly destroy a factory or place of economic interest.   Who would be interested in investing in a country where citizens rights cannot be protected?   None other than ex-Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that the 5 trillion dollar goal is not possible with the current judiciary.
Create a strong deterrence and this violence and threats will stop overnight.   Every fatwa should be prosecuted and every Shariah crime should be returned with a quick death sentence.   Every love jihad perpetrator need to be put to death, most importantly those who funded it.  Every  worship place that encourages brutal violence needs to be demolished immediately, not just those who commit such violence. Every media that follows yellow journalism pursuing foreign interests should have their license cancelled and every foregin media and social media that is engaging in Western regime change agenda should be acted upon.   We need ‘hate crimes’ bill and mandatory sentencing for crimes to protect against corrupt judiciary and amend the constitution to make judiciary accountable to the nation and not cabals like Kapil Sibal.   We need to consider bringing in lakhs of retired army personnel with weapons in Kashmir, which will probably stop the violence very quickly, as was suggested in the past.
While each nation has its compulsions for large interests, it is better for the administration to show strength against nations that threaten us for a citizen exercising her fundamental right of freedom of expression.  Economic interests are two way streets just as the West realized they cannot unilaterally penalize Russia on Ukraine war.   Let us recognize the Western regime change agenda which is most likely using radical Islamic fronts of CIA.  They are deliberately using radical Islam and missionary conversions through both overt and covert means and are rabidly anti-Hindu.  In fact, the Kashmir problem is a Western globalists agenda through proxies.  Let us realize while the West arranges awards to Narendra Modi they are also working intently for regime change (carrot and stick) because they need a pliable administration for their geopolitical goals.
Let us remind Qatar that they gave citizenship to MF Hussain who painted the most revered Hindu deities in the most derogatory manner and ask them to educate us what did Nupur Sharma said that is not already in the most revered scriptures of Islam starting from Bukhari.  Perhaps we can remind them that while Bharat spoke for Uighur Muslims in China not a single Islamic nation stood for them.   Ask them why they do not allow a single temple built in their country in spite of so many Hindus working in their nations and contributing to their economy.   Or that Bharath took many Rohingya Muslims as refugees whom no Middle Eastern Islamic nation would even consider to take. That we are a vibrant democracy and we do not need lessons from autocracies.    For heaven sake, let us stand up for our citizens rights.

This debate is not just about the rights of Nupur Sharma (as she herself stated) it is the rights of overwhelming majority of citizens in Bharath.  It is actually the survival of this nation that is at stake.   I urge readers to read the passionate letter of Nupur Sharma from OpIndia portal below.


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