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Pankaj Saxena @PankajSaxena84

Publication: Rattibha.com
Date: July 20, 2022
URL:      https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1549729331261624320.html?s=03

1. 'Responsibility is Racist' – Supreme Court

What the Supreme Court today basically declared by letting Zubair go is that responsibility is racist. Everyone remembers how the Court and the Eminent Judges behaved towards Nupur?

2. Nupur Sharma was told that she was single-handedly responsible for plunging the entire country in chaos. How? By quoting an Islamic scripture. Yes, believe it or not, neither did they realize the irony, nor did they try to hide it out. They were brazen.

3. The brilliant minds of these eminent judges never made the logical extension that it is the Islamic scriptures which might be inciting violence if by quoting them Nupur incited something. Moral of the story: Hindu is always guilty.

4. On the other hand, #Zubair dog-whistled Nupur and other BJP leaders and what he did directly led to many brutal assassinations of Hindus by radicalized Muslims all over India. And yet he was not even scolded and let go. moral of the story: Muslim is never guilty.

5. These are two extremely simple principles which Indian judiciary has distilled from real life:

a) Hindus are always guilty.

b) Muslims are never guilty.

How can law be delayed or obstructed when our guiding lights are so simplistically, brazenly, and obviously Hinduphobic?

6. Indian State as it stands today is a dhimmi state, as well as the Hindu society. We are terrified into secularism. We are threatened into tolerance by another side. Because the other side is too obviously violent, we invent euphemisms to hide our lack of necessary courage.

7. This pattern extends long back until the advent of the Religion of Peace. Israel is blamed for Palestinian suicide bombers. Modern Indian State is blamed for Kashmiri terrorism. America is blamed for Taliban.

The buck always stops with the non-Muslim.

8. While in reality, Palestinian Muslims were attacking non-Muslims before Israel, before even the Crusades. We might do well to remember that Palestine was once completely Christian and Jewish. It is the Religion of Peace which invaded it.

9. Hindus of Kashmir were cleansed and killed about 800 years before Indian State was created. That what happened in 1990s was just a modern clean-up of a millennia long ethnic cleansing operation which was going on because RoP became majority there.

10. We might do well to remember that America was constituted only in 1776, and Islamic pirate ships were plying through Atlantic waters much before that, and that American Navy was created to tackle that very problem.

11. There is a concerted effort in million different clashes that Muslims have with non-Muslims today and in history to show that the responsibility was ALWAYS of the non-Muslim side. There are no exceptions to this rule if you believe the Islamic lore.

12. So in order to believe the Supreme Court of India today and to believe everyone who considers that it is ALWAYS the non-Muslims who are to blame and never the Muslims, then you have to believe in ideological racism and proclaim that ‘responsibility is racist’.

13. That it is always non-Muslims who are responsible for mischief. That Muslims are always victims. That non-Muslims are always perpetrators. This is how ‘post-truth’ you have to be to believe the narrative of both dhimmi Hindus and common Muslims today.

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