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The anti-Hindu lobby that spews venom day and night in the name of UPSC

Author: Tanya Trivedi
Publication: Tfipost.com
Date: July 25, 2022
URL:      https://tfipost.com/2022/07/the-anti-hindu-lobby-that-spews-venom-day-and-night-in-the-name-of-upsc/

Secularism seems to have become the responsibility of sole Hindus. While other religions are allowed to spew venom against Hinduism, the majority community of India is expected to maintain silence as it is only their duty to ensure that India remains a secular country. However, this so-called secularism has now come to bite the Hindus. Such is the influence of anti-Hindu lobby that they have made their way to the education system and are spewing venom against Hindus in the name of UPSC.

Avadh Ojha’s vicious remarks against Hindus

Classes by IQRA Coaching Center are popular amongst UPSC aspirants. However, in the last few months, the coaching centre seems to have become a hotbed for fuelling anti-Hindu sentiments. A teacher named Avadh Ojha is being widely discussed all over social media for his controversial statements insulting Bhagwan Krishna and glorifying the terrorists. In a viral video, he can be heard saying that Brijwasis used to accuse Lord Shri Krishna of dancing with their wives and when Shri Krishna showed his strength by lifting the Govardhan parvat on his finger, they got scared and allowed him to dance not only with their wives but also sisters-in-law (wife’s sister).
Satyam Mishra @Bharatiyasatyam

Listen This carefully, He's Avadh Ojha from Kanpur (probably).
He's mocking Lord Krishna, In his many videos he has mocked Hindu Gods and you'll find many videos of him where he's praising Mughals, Invaders etc.
Action should be taken against such people.

Jul 19, 2022

He is the same IAS coach who glorified Islamism and terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden.  Ojha believes that there was complete darkness in the world and Mohammed brought Islam to enlighten the world. Glorifying Laden, he had once stated that Osama Bin Laden knew whom he had to fight and his attack on America was an achievement.

Vision IAS stands exposed

It is not just Ojha but multiple other institutes have been trying to brainwash students by preaching to them about how violent Hindus are and how ‘peaceful’ Muslims are. Earlier in Match, a video had gone viral, in which the faculty identified as Smriti Shah of Vision IAS, was teaching some inappropriate facts about Bhakti Movement.

She had claimed that Islam has a “casteless theology and social order” and the “Bhakti cult” in Hinduism started as a response to liberalism in Islam.

Moreover, in another video, she can be seen preaching Hinduphobia to naïve students. She states that “Belief generate emotions”. In an example to support the claim, she says that “I believe India is a Hindu Rashtra which generates an emotion of antagonism or hostile towards religious minorities. Then, it might generate the action tendency of being violent and attack them.”

See, how ‘beautifully’ she projected Hindus as the one who attacks minorities in India.

Unacademy targets Hindu community

Online learning platform Unacademy was also found involved in such activities. In a question paper in an online assignment on the Indian Penal Code (IPC), the platform’s Law Test Module read: “In a city, people of Muslim community are carrying out rally on the streets on the occasion of Eid and there is sloganeering and celebration. When the same convoy passed through a Hindu-dominated area, the Hindus started pelting stones at the procession. Is it correct?”
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