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Date: July 2, 2022
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Former Delhi High Court Judge Justice SN Dhingra has stated in an interview that the comments made by the vacation bench that Nupur Sharma’s comment resulted in the outcome of the unfortunate incident in Udaipur was “irresponsible” (India TV)

“It is irresponsible because it has prejudiced the case of Nupur Sharma in all subordinate courts... Making such an observation without any probe, or hearing of witnesses or hearing Nupur Sharma’s arguments is not only illegal, but also improper”: Justice SN Dhingra

“Even the Supreme Court is not above law. Before making such observation against a person (Nupur Sharma), the normal procedure is that charges should have been framed and both the prosecution and defendant should have been allowed to have their say”: Justice SN Dhingra

“Supreme Court in the past had given rulings that judges should stick to the case before them and refrain from making undue observations”: Justice SN Dhingra on comments by Supreme Court against Nupur Sharma (India TV)

“Nupur Sharma pleaded that there were nearly 50 FIRs pending against her that needed to be clubbed, because appearing in court could be a threat of life to her. But SC made strong observations against her, based on newspaper and media reports, which was unfair”: Justice Dhingra

Entire thread based on Justice Dhingra’s opinion shared on India TV’s which can be accessed here: surl.li/cildl
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