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Firebrand Hindutva leader Sulibele tears into Bommai govt.

Author: Bharath Joshi
Publication: Hinduexistence.org
Date: August 2, 2022
URL:       https://hinduexistence.org/2022/08/02/firebrand-hindutva-leader-sulibele-tears-into-bommai-govt/

Hindutva firebrand leader Chakravarty Sulibele tears into BJP govt in Karnataka for its anti-Hindu and corruption activities.

Hindutva ideologue Chakravarty Sulibele on Monday ripped apart the Basavaraj Bommai government over nepotism, corruption and for committing a “series of failures”.

Sulibele’s Twitter tirade, which forced Bommai to promise redressal, reveals the long-standing disquiet among Hindutva storm troopers at the goings-on in the BJP government. The simmering anger finally exploded after the murder of Yuva Mocha member Praveen Nettaru last week.

“Many like me can never vote Congress but we are not fools either to keep people like you in power,” Sulibele said in a 22-tweet thread broadside at the BJP government.

Sulibele said the average party worker is “frustrated” as they are being treated “worse than a football” by leaders. “If the state government had given corruption-less administration, volunteers are the ones who would have felt proud for forming a government. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened,” Sulibele said, adding that no minister defended the ‘40% commission’ accusation.

He also took aim at the saffron party’s opportunism that had led to the induction of “corrupt, dishonest and anti-Modi” Congressmen “for the sake of power”. BJP leaders, according to Sulibele, were “mute spectators” during Leader of the “When the nation was fighting Covid, here the leaders were busy making money by renting beds…Volunteers knew, but they were silent because of the situation that our nation was in. Their silence was not acceptance,” he said, adding the government “failed miserably” to solve problems of teachers, labourers and farmers.

Training his guns at Bommai, Sulibele said MLAs accused the CM of not clearing files citing lack of time.

“But, he has all the time to watch premier movies and shed tears. During the death of a movie actor, he gave his three days…If not for this outrage, he would have watched Vikrant Rona for sure,” he said.

Speaking to reporters in Koppal, Bommai said he would talk to Sulibele. “Naturally, he has expressed anger. I’ll talk to him and tell him the progress of the investigation. We’ll go forward together,” he said.

BJP national general secretary CT Ravi said there is no question of forgetting party workers. “But, our fight should be against our ideological enemies, not our own people,” he said.
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