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Meenakshi Sharan @meenakshisharan

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Date: April 17, 2022
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Do you have the courage to know what became of Hindu Sikhs (of what is now pakistan) in 1947?

Women were raped in front of their fathers,husbands,brothers,sons & were then distributed among other muzlims, many were carried into tribal territories & could never be traced
Meenakshi Sharan @meenakshisharan

जिन्होंने नहीं देखी थी उनको ये #1947HorrorsOfPatition की झांकी दिखा रहे हैं!
अब आप सबका विकास करो, या
सर्व धर्म सम भाव समझो,ये आपकी इच्छा है!
करोड़ों हिंदुओं के बलिदानों के प्रति हिंदुओं को जागृत करने के लिए वर्षों से मैं हर 15 अगस्त को #श्राद्ध_संकल्प_दिवस का आव्हान कर रही हूँ

Apr 17, 2022

Their breasts,noses, arms were chopped off, their bodies had teeth marks, were tattooed with islamic symbols & Pakistan zindabad, iron pieces & sticks were inserted in their genitals.. bellies of pregnant ones were torn open,they were undressed and paraded!

Children were thrown in fire, in boiling water/ oil, were tossed on swords & spears.
By March 7, 1947, suburbs as well as 128 villages of Rawalpindi were attacked, Hindu- Sikhs were massacred on a scale much larger than Noakhali, did any of you know this?

Hindu Sikhs of 23 villages of Attock District were killed, thousands forcibly converted, women abducted, 1656 houses burnt, 1361 houses looted 70 women were abducted from Duberan village, not a single man survived from total population of 1500, not one survived in Bhagpur

Rawalpindi Division was ablaze in March 1947, almost all its rural population was in refugee camps by March end, biggest camp being Campbellpur with over 25,000 Hindu Sikhs, nearly as big a camp of Hindu Sikh refugees was in Kala in Jhelum District.

March 47- Patiala alone had 50k uprooted Hindus, in Jhelum Dist border of Gujrat, villages Bhagwal, Rupwal, Athwal, Mangwal,Tahar
Sarkal Kaser,Darwal,Narang
Chak Sewak,Thanel Fatuhi, Ranjha,
Dhanogi, Ghugga- Hindu Sikhs were killed,survivors converted, women abducted,houses burnt

Worst & large scale barbarity was witnessed by Hindu Sikhs of Cambellpur Dist from March 10 onwards

On Peshawar, Muzzafargarh Multan, Montgomery,Lahore,attacks of same intensity as Rawalpindi began on March 5, mob led by a Sayed descendant of moh_mad, killed 300, injured 500

50 villages (Traggar,Matto,Aliwala Mochipura,Chajjushah,Bhojewala, etc) of Shujabad Tehsil of Multan were looted with arson, slaughtering rapes & abduction of women, despite muzlims’ assurance of safety on Koran to Hindus!

Hindus in around 500 sq miles of District were wiped out!

Hindus of Mozang were attacked by 10k armed muzlems, rifles being lent from armoury of Mozang police station were to be returned after use!

Shots were fired on Hindu houses from muzlim houses, over 1 sq mile of the area was up in flames!

June 19,1947, petrol was sprinkled with stir up pumps & burning rockets set the entire Lahore city ablaze!

The walled & the new city of Lahore saw 46 fires on 21st June, thickly populated area of 3 lakh saw 20 fires, 69 fires enveloped different localities of Lahore on 22nd

Muzlems in groups, would force open Hindu Sikh homes, men would be lead out & stabbed, old men-women killed, young ones raped, many women jumped from upper stories to escape dishonour
No muzlim ever condemned the unspeakable atrocities, the barbaric cruelty on Hindus!

“Complete lawlessness prevailed in walled city.. semi circle of fire that persisted, involved entire old city..numerous Mandirs,Gurdwaras were burnt-of which one finds no reports in the news papers..on 13th I visited mayo Hospital, outside the apparently full mortuary..

I saw 300-350 stiffs in various lanes leading to the mortuary..but I found them giving news of 40 killed 100 injured! …not a day passed when we didn’t see 3-4 lorry loads of carrying stiff..People trying to escape the burning houses were shot dead..

Lahore station was days beyond the reach of Hindus & Sikhs…in short, Lahore is the city of the dead, a complete picture of hell.” - report of Hindustan Times correspondent.

One’s trying to give you a glimpse of what awaits Hindus!
Prepare or Perish, choice is yours!


HT Delhi report:
“vitals of muzlim bullets were many thousands, 70% causalities in 3 weeks in West Punjab.. massacre of Sheikhupura puts into shade slaughter of Jallianwala..anihilation of thousand in Shakargarh Tehsil will put to shade even Sheikhupura”
Same threats to-date

Lahore journalist:

“Houses once inhabited by happy families now stood deserted, blackened & burnt,smoke still coming out of many,making the air heavy with a bitter tang that irritated eyes and nostrils..Sahalmi gate has become a wreck..

…A block of 250 houses & shops reduced to ashes..Mozang has rows of houses burnt, leaving behind smoking rubble, charred bricks, twisted girders..”
(biggest trading centre of Hindus in Lahore, Shahalmi Gate) Magistrate M.G.Cheema directed this destruction of Hindu property!

Hindu Sikhs of Punjab were constantly under Muslim Brutality through 1946 till January 1948. Hindus did put up a strong fight initially but lost life, honour & wealth ultimately because it was an unequal fight!

Even today they are ‘unequals’ in this Civilizational war!

They were unequal, because
1- League assailants,muzlim masses, muzlim officials & police followed their policy & programme in complete harmony
2- Hindu homes were scattered in midst of thickly populated muzlem areas
3-Attacks were unchecked, their pattern uniform..

uniform pattern: slaughtering, arson, forced conversion, circumcision & feeding beef, dishonouring women, looting homes shops, burning Mandirs, Gurdwaras, Schools carried out at the same time in various Districts
4- No retaliation happened from Hindu side till Augusts 1947

Have the 4 points mentioned changed today?
Ok, let’s look at the percentage of Hindu Muzlems in Districts where Hindus were butchered & looted.

1- Non muzlems in North West, Punjab, NWFP, Sind & Baluchistan were 37.93% whereas muzlems made up 62.07% of the total population

In North East,Bengal & Assam, non Ms were 48.3%, Muslims were 51.69%
Hindu & Sikh in District Rawalpindi were 18.67 %, 80.00 % were muzlems
In Campbellpur dist, Hindus were 9.36%, 90.42% were Ms
Minawali dist, 13.76 % were Hindus, Ms were 86.16 %

In JhelumDistrict, Hindus were 10.41% & muzlems were 89.42 %
In Sargodha Dist, Hindus- 14.88%, Ms were 83.68%
In Gujrat Hindus were 14.02%, Ms were 85.58%
In Multan, Hindus- 20.52%
Ms- 78.1%
In Gujranwala,Hindus- 22.70, Ms-70.45
In Sialkot, Hindus- 32.12% & Ms 62.09%

Lahore had 1, 77,212 Hindus, 35.09,% & 4,33,170 muzlims 60.62%
Peshawar had 9.65% Hindus, 90.34% Ms
Kohat, Hindus- 8.1,%, mus - 91.99%
In Bannu, 12.93% were Hindus & 87.06 % were mus
Mardan-Hindu 4.52%, M 95.46%
Dera Ismail Khan-14.21% Hindu 85.78% Ms

They eliminated Hinds & captured 8,82,000 sq km of Hindu land, 9% stayed back to breed-multiply & finish Hindus root & branch & already are over 15%!
Today in Lakshadweep, they’re 96.2%, 68.3% in J&K-, around 47% of mus live in U.P., West Bengal, Bihar.


A.P, Assam, Delhi, Gujarat
Jharkhand,Karnataka, Kerala, M.P
Maharashtra, Manipur, Rajasthan, TN, Telangana, Tripura, Uttarakhand has muzlims in high concentration..
How far have they come when we stand stagnant, ‘unequal’, ‘unaware’, ‘unprepared’!
#populationcontrol did we?

Hindu Sikh left behind over 1400 crores,innumerable banks,business houses,factories,assets,hospitals
institutions & over 5 million acres of fertile land in what became🇵🇰
Neither wealth,nor huge bungalows could protect them, survivors in their own land were tagged ‘Refugees’!


Did you know #DirectActionDay campaign foretaste actually started in NWFP in July 1946 where Muzlem population was 91.79% & enacted in Bengal province on August 16,1946 where Muz population was 54% with MLeague govt in power?
Hindus must read👇🏻Introspect,Prepare or Perish❗️
eSamskritiindia @esamskritiindia

About DIRECT ACTION DAY 1946- Calcutta Horror
By Meenakshi . Has anything changed.  https://esamskriti.com/e/History/Indian-History/About-DIRECT-ACTION-DAY-1946~-Calcutta-Horror---1.aspx @meenakshisharan #DelhiRiots
About DIRECT ACTION DAY 1946- Calcutta Horror
What happened during Direct Action Day 1946? What were the causes? Who was responsible? Was there amity between the two communities before that? Did Hindus fight back?

Apr 19, 2022
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